@RectorRe @Tradn500 @shemesht @pipsnticks @0327Trader @onefourdroopy thanks to all and any I missed

Yesterday’s #EMWS chart still relevant $ES_F Paid by 65.75 half gap if short

#EMWS FED UP with The Boyz and the games they play? $ES_F Save some Powder for later today

@TraderSmarts thank you Tony, and thinking 67.25 may become pivotal, don’t get chopped $ES_F

#EMWS if you believed in FED UP better capture something ahead of 2375/ news $ES_F

#EMWS Next boundaries $ES_F paid by 77.75 T2 today if long 80/82 resistance

#EMWS above 80.5 is good fortune $ES_F

#EMWS Never met a Fed UP I didn’t like $ES_F Knowing their targets is an Edge

#EMWS Time and price to say good bye $ES_F

#EMWS News trading for study 5 RTH $ES_F step by step

@DaveL452 thanks Dave, much appreciated

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