30 globex

94 squeeze pivot

5 RTH Pre market



10 RTH

30 showing support zone for now

5 RTH and 30 globex


Chopsticks 5 RTH and 30 Globex

splitting hairs

Rain Ping Pong

Alligator Alley

NQ 15

NQ 120

NQ 5 tighten stops

5 globex tighten stops if long PFS by 12.5

NQ 2 min

NQ 15 min Trap Bar

@TraderMD @pipsnticks @ROC176 @davidwazz @GLOBEX_ES_F @LongTplexTrader @TradingPoet @TheFibDoctor @BrentRShelton @JohnConaway @BEFREEinFL @ciscohitt @sewerpimp @marketwizardz @Jediphone @jdextras @leveltolevel @JulienVerglas @gowento thank u

30 min globex ow.ly/Ztqfs 94 squeeze pivot intact still ow.ly/ZtqqR 15/18 resistance intact from yest $ES_F

@sewerpimp @ciscohitt great followup guys, thank u. ow.ly/Ztrpx #EMWS $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/ZtvGq thinking 2 way day op ex agg support 94 and 88/92 presumed support $ES_F

Agg resistance 2002/ 04 $ES_F #EMWS

PFS by 94.5 premarket if scalping short $ES_F seed capital #EMWS

@ciscohitt nice chart Boyz may want to wash that out today $ES_F risk reward the problem now #EMWS

@sewerpimp 2 way day likely s2 is 95.75 and double zone ow.ly/ZtAqS $ES_F

Pre market angel is 97.5 and demon 2009.5 longs pay up first before half gap bounce I think $ES_F

Using 2003.5 as half gap marker and aggressive resistance $ES_F #EMWS

PFS by 94.5 premarket / same idea now if short $ES_F

@ciscohitt very choppy 2001 40 back ID PFS if long $ES_F

@GLOBEX_ES_F gm NQ now joining the party

risking two to make two is tough trading $ES_F sideline for conservative traders #EMWS hit and run if playing and think small

@GLOBEX_ES_F 3 min RTH ow.ly/ZtKN3 $ES_F like to see 94.5 tested not yet #EMWS cannot be stubborn and give back 5 to make 1

10 RTH and contract adjusted gap ow.ly/ZtMEJ $ES_F visual easier for me to see relationships

stolen range is today’s problem for shorts $ES_F Boyz ran stops into the close (sweeper move) then reversed $ES_F trapped longs paying up IB

@GLOBEX_ES_F ow.ly/ZtPcT limited oppty for now $ES_F 30 globex helpful

@GLOBEX_ES_F right.. and better oppty buying 92/95 scalp long than 13.25 Pivot certainly $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: Agg resistance 2002/ 04 $ES_F #EMWS // PFS if long

2002 the retest of yest low $ES_F / 2 way day #EMWS

@GLOBEX_ES_F when the boyz give it to us near support overnight “I am wary of Boyz bearing gifts” Stolen range day $ES_F

@ciscohitt squeeze can go higher but that is smart #EMWS need several small rotations today $ES_F not thinking gap close magnet 4.25

@ciscohitt first time back i like that zone and either works or doesnt $ES_F next rotation the key

@ciscohitt middle trades are always tricky, ends give better edge $ES_F

@ciscohitt exactly well said Kid $ES_F

get PFS if short by 97.75 angel $ES_F bird in the hand

Educated guessing is all we can do ow.ly/ZtWjy Pass if we dont like set up for price and time $ES_F #EMWS 5 RTH and 30 globex

@ciscohitt great trade cisco $ES_F

@TradingPoet Allow system and mind to be aware of as much information as possible ow.ly/Zu63O automated ss help simplify $ES_F

5 RTH and 30 globex ow.ly/Zu72T piano keys #EMWS $ES_F ugly theta burn for primary trade

@TheFibDoctor Jayne M and daughter? great post Doc

Hit and run better than trailin’ and trolling today for the big ones $ES_F water too shallow

pitcher’s battle great D not much offense $ES_F keeping expectations reasonable #EMWS sometimes can get a tad more vol at lunch when am slow

@ciscohitt thank u. agree, but doubt it $ES_F Shorts had all am to press it and never did #EMWS wimps

plan was hit a few bounces, expect small. buy 92/95 support, PFS by half gap $ES_F still there in rocking chair with gramma zzzz

@ciscohitt thanks cisco. taking break, market can move now lol

@GLOBEX_ES_F assuming neutral bias range trade day ahead of Fed PFS by 4.25 magnet if long

Half gap trade has good statistical probability, (especially long) $ES_F not backed by data, just empirical evidence #EMWS 1/2 gap done

@GLOBEX_ES_F i dont think easy to add intraday today, especially buys near 2005 #EMWS #notme

@BamaTrader I’ll take the over under at 25 H/ 85 L ahead of that $ES_F step by step

If shorted PFS by 2001.25 #EMWS

@GLOBEX_ES_F splitting hairs with objective criteria helps reduce emotional context ow.ly/ZuUVE $ES_F

Big traders usually do well in this type day by averaging in and floating with the tide $ES_F not recommended for retail traders

Timing trade for longs make sure PFS by dtop/ 6.25 $ES_F

old school tape reading ow.ly/Zv0xH higher highs higher lows after 10:05 $ES_F 2 way day plays out, tough range shake & bake

@GLOBEX_ES_F “know thyself” $ES_F smart #EMWS no gunslinger here

RT @e: @ciscohitt squeeze can go higher but that is smart #EMWS need several small rotations today $ES_F not thinking gap close magnet 4.25

Pool time… sunny and 80’s $ES_F if shorted get PFS by 02/03 and sayonara

@leveltolevel @jdextras thanks L2L. paid for sure I mean if u got something never lose on the trade because it may be inflection pt $ES_F

Alligator alley on the five’s ow.ly/Zvq3y $ES_F retesting the 5 to 8 zone #EMWS neutral, support intact for now

@jdextras I believe there are no stupid questions. “Be the dumbest in the room and learn a lot by asking stupid questions”. #EMWS

15 NQ ow.ly/ZvW8r 120 NQ ow.ly/ZvWaH apply the same principles to whatever we trade #EMWS find the chart in play

RT @FuturesTrader71: Last chance today for those standing on the sidelines. The only order flow software I use
Stage 5 Trading @S5Trading Sale Price ends TODAY on S5 BookMap – Order Flow Mapping Software – eepurl.com/bTLEe5 #ES_F #Trading

@verniman great point. Often both sides have money by then making it more challenging,odds diminish. push or get pushed back today’s edge pm

5 min NQ ow.ly/Zw0Cg nice stretch in the Alligator #EMWS low volume=gator aide

5 globex #EMWS ow.ly/Zw1cv $ES_F u choose when your biz is open and when it is closed, #noboss #workathome

NQ 2 min ow.ly/Zw2Cy risk reward came in near double top

@iamnotsamjoy yes shorts lost control there ow.ly/Zw51y NQ if we work overtime tonight we take loooong lunch tomorrow #EMWS