[08:55:03] Emini Wizard the key support zone basis market structure is 2031.25

[09:08:25] Emini Wizard looks like squeeze pivot 34.25


Interesting early morning gaps near 32

In 1960 Mohawk said the Dimensions 45 was unbreakable  classic tune, one of my favorites #EMWS $ES_F Believe we can

Note that today was a 100% move of Wednesday’s range

Capture By 58 recommended if long. Shorts probably not worth the effort. Thank you Frank 🙂

One way Elevator

Angels and Demons (EOD Demon 58)

Globex Tunnel Vision

Gap and Power Charts

Multi Charts Retest 59

Trailers for 58/59

Reality Check: Squeeze day identified

Factor in 55

Lunch Multi Chart


Chat 52.5  may be stiff resistance (Wrong. Stall zone, but shallow pb kept pressure on shorts into the close. )

60 Minute Globex Chart Pre market

Over the Rainbow

240 Chart Tunnel Vision

Gap Chart

Tunnel Vision

Angels and Demons