Boyz found support EOD , best to leave it be #EMWS shorts $ES_F nice V bounce. time and price were right

@pritchettized part of the game catching chunks of swings and being satisfied is the hallmark of a professional $ES_F keep 52/55 support

#EMWS Already back into the 68/72 zone $ES_F usually tough to fade late day reversals

@Sigler2016 @pritchettized @JayHill2012 @pipsnticks @Tradn500 @LewBowman thanks to all and good night

#EMWS slingshot traders protect profits ahead of news today, 66 aggressive support, 79/ 80.5 aggressive resistance 4 now June $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital thanks Dave #FF back at you and these great traders

#EMWS longs Paid for sure by 74.5 $ES_F

#EMWS This is day 2 of a bounce, so squeeze traders hang onto a trailer tight stop for 78 test $ES_F don’t give up 5 to make 2

#EMWS Shorts using stop 79.5 to 80.5 as posted $ES_F

A lot of this move is likely rollover related, #EMWS cant fall in love here after a 25 point run $ES_F hit and run

$ES_F Simplicity is key. 2401 March high to yesterday June basis low at 51 = 2376 #EMWS middle. Think like a Pro

@MrTopStep longs will want to capture some of their 2 day gains $ES_F

#EMWS 10 min RTH context $ES_F

70.5 to 68.75 make sure Paid if took shot at the #EMWS Contra #$ES_F

#EMWS Half gap target 68.25 must get paid if short $ES_F hit and run reminder 66 agg support

@Tradn500 Sometimes better to be lucky than good 🙂 thank you

#EMWS 30 Globex Demon is 2374.5 good fortune above. Best odds trades already done

@krazytoo thanks Doug. need some time for M.A to catch up and above yesterday’s 66.25 high shorts can be squeezed so that’s primary battle

@krazytoo they are Ema that I find smooth out short and long term fluctuations

#EMWS Generals have backed up the train signaling better odds short PFS by 66 test if short

63.5 gap is 2 day middle and that carrot may catch late shorts PFS by 2366.25 #EMWS accumulate and go play $ES_F

Risk and reward as told by Paul Simon $ES_F

don’t give back 5 to make 2 time stops down if playing for 63/64 gap $ES_F

#EMWS symmetry and reverse symmetry trades done / 50/50 Boyz are amazing $ES_F

#EMWS using 62 for profit taking support $ES_F

#EMWS Trade Logic for today $ES_F time to hit some golf balls

#EMWS 57.75 presumed next support behind 62 $ES_F rollover changing of the guard provided nice volatility today

#EMWS If trading this afternoon pay attention to doji area 63/64 for bias $ES_F protect profits if any and risk max 10% of day’s gains

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire thank you very much Renato and back at all of you #FF

#EMWS Clue for day: 2366 shouldn’t have broken today if the Boyz were going to run higher $ES_F 72 resistance, yesterday’s low support

This spread in rollover is much tighter than normal only 3 points different and usually it seems like 7 points spread. Curious why (@pm1889 @eminiwizard It is because the overnight rate has gone from 25basis points to 100.)

Market wont sit here quietly next hour but #EMWS is assuming low and high are in for the day $ES_F 58 support intact

Last hour is for the Big Boyz, avoid trouble #EMWS daily rhythm now has bounce as contra, can try one more if u like time and price $ES_F

#EMWS One more = short side. odds maybe 50/50 $ES_F I’m heading to the pool, hope you are too

@pm1889 thank you for that explanation for myself and @bnimble_jack

@Tradn500 will get back to you later and thank u

#EMWS EOD Charts $ES_F nice weekend to all

#ff @elroytrader @eminiwizard @MarkNewtonCMT @NDR_Research @TraderGoalieOne @FZucchi @TheStopHunter @FT71_Alerts @azur_wtt @Gr8SPYtrades ty!

@DaveL452 thank you very much

Thank You

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