Flat top

Power Pivot

1985 Bull Bear line

15 Globex June

5 June

5 march

5 min June

June 5 spike. cover all into 2002

March spike cover by 2010 gap

June 15 structure

March Big Boy boxes 2013.5 as resistance

Reaction June 15 globex

March retest perfect

June retest perfect

5 RTH Gap fill

June 1 min chart

87 support test 5 RTH

5 Retest failure 73 launch looking for a test

March 82 test coming

Gift zone cover by 65

60 June globex

s3 57.5

Trying to hold box 1 step by step

March 66.25 intact

custom chart

S3 2 ticks away

Tick balance


5:31 E: hit and run day 98/02 next resistance on march contract ow.ly/ZhZCv $ES_F

@MissTrade Let’s play pool so I can practice my putting

77 agg support june ow.ly/Zi1CC $ES_F bull bear zone 1985 ow.ly/Zi225 many traders will be confused use caution

Thanks @ciscohitt we’ve come a long way ow.ly/Zi3Vq

@ciscohitt lol we were pals

@TRADEnPERFORM Thanks Simon back at you

15 globex ow.ly/Zi64P $ES_F

@sewerpimp lol

bingo stops up if got the 98 march. contracts about 9 points different $ES_F

march 15 globex ow.ly/ZicDY June ow.ly/ZicHA good time for java/ get paid if long $ES_F

5 globex June ow.ly/ZidQK $ES_F jump the creek pattern

June cover all by 2002 ow.ly/ZihZh $ES_F and 2010 for March $ES_F

gap there closing at 2010 $ES_F

March ow.ly/ZikF8 flat top/ wedge now can see a lot more easily $ES_F

June structure ow.ly/Zim0q agg support 92 any rebuys are weak hands SOC 87 #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: Inside day plays out ow.ly/Zh7l1 $ES_F flat top with higher lows for now #EMWS / pattern plays out

Will be quoting June now for those who have already done their homework #EMWS $ES_F

March Boxes for new members to Team #EMWS save for study ow.ly/ZiskC Use 2013.5 as resistance for now for March $ES_F

June magnet 92.75 PFS if nibbling short $ES_F #EMWS seed capital

If u miss a move no worries… always another bus coming down the road $ES_F

89 is fine and and hit and run remember SOC test $ES_F

We should get 2 way day, roll sometimes gets crazy volatility. gap fill profit taking for now $ES_F 15 globex ow.ly/ZiuD6

ID 456 pullback timing still for shorts $ES_F take stop outs and dont be stubborn

bingo 87/86 $ES_F 85 bull bear line reminder #EMWS

cover all by 85 this thrust if short $ES_F

first March Retest ow.ly/ZiwO5 $ES_F

June retest ow.ly/Zix8E $ES_F

Stay humble and drop losers fast today. High may be in already $ES_F close most ahead of gap, trail only past 85 June #EMWS

Gap done 81 $ES_F cover if got it

maybe we can test overnight low later 15 globex ow.ly/ZizAk weak hands who chased were warned $ES_F

Keep profits if any risk small. focus on one contract month $ES_F door opened south when 92 agg support June got beat $ES_F key 4 now

all we know is this bounce is profit taking from smart shorts $ES_F

If u realigned with buy side cover into 92, trail is all $ES_F #EMWS

using 95/98 as next resistance in crazy day $ES_F

June 1 min RTH ow.ly/ZiG58 2 way day playing out $ES_F get something out of the swings. Sideline if too volatile 4 u

all day angel 78.5 so 77/78 remains support until broken $ES_F June

5 RTH ow.ly/ZiK7W $ES_F reminder 85 bull bear line for june as a guide

@MrTopStep where is vwap please? I dont use usually $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: using 95/98 as next resistance in crazy day $ES_F / if used it for short PFS by 86 june

Bingo mania $ES_F Great IB $ES_F trailers below 85 dont give back 5 to make 2

@Magial I would love to see 78 test $ES_F

get 80 take it near enough $ES_F

79.5 is the 456 w $ES_F

angel test is 78.5 $ES_F good bye weak hands

all out 75 $ES_F

should get covering bounce 72 stop for longs $ES_F

Yest middle test 76.5 $ES_F 🙂 #EMWS do your homework and never miss a beat on rollover $ES_F

sidelines and taking break $ES_F not used to night owl stuff

@MrTopStep thank u so symmetry with that (june) $ES_F

RT @e: maybe we can test overnight low later 15 globex ow.ly/ZizAk weak hands who chased were warned $ES_F / think like criminal

5 RTH June ow.ly/ZiSCt $ES_F

@Magial thank u for your post, appreciate it $ES_F

march launch 82 ow.ly/ZiU0G $ES_F

scene of the crime posted for both contracts washout here $ES_F

get by 71 will be tough i think $ES_F stops down if u have trailer

RT @e: .. High may be in already $ES_F …cant be sure with these crazy swings but right resistance

RT @eminiwizard: June cover all by 2002 ow.ly/ZihZh $ES_F and 2010 for March $ES_F / lotsa games today by the Boyz

@MissTrade lol in that case lets go in the pool and swim butterfly or IM, OK?

65.5 is t1 today so assuming 65/68 as support until broken for june $ES_F

one more ping Mr Sulu… $ES_F

yeehaa and PFS by 68/67 $ES_F

Key was 85 holding as bull bear line $ES_F

double test shake out $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 65.5 is t1 today so assuming 65/68 as support until broken for june $ES_F / 65.5 achieved learn the system #EMWS

wild thing ow.ly/Zj1qk $ES_F

60 chart globex in play i think ow.ly/Zj1Xt $ES_F

step by step, one support gets beat, look for the next. same for resistance #EMWS Primary trade is done $ES_F

72 launchers got beat so 75/78 as resistance consolidating $ES_F

taking lunch back later #EMWS

Paid by 62.5 if re entered $ES_F

trailers only under 62.5 #EMWS $ES_F will need another bounce soon

56.5 to 60.25 should be next key $ES_F #EMWS

PFS by 57 #EMWS $ES_F

nice swing capture $ES_F can always re enter

53.5 is T2 today as support $ES_F goal line territory

yesterday’s range .61 extension is 59 $ES_F thought this may be for profit taking #EMWS hit bounces til stop out then try 1 more time

s3 is 57.5 today 15 globex ow.ly/ZjhEn -1219 ticks $ES_F

Team #EMWS this is Rabid Dog Day reversal. Started with jump the creek then sucker punched longs chasing. 85 was identified bull/bear $ES_F

risk reward time for bounce. goal line territory odds change $ES_F 66.25 to 69.25 agg resistance #EMWS dont get careless now

if had good day, protect profits all i can say $ES_F

this long is great trade and should only be taken by gunslingers with profits willing to risk some for the contra #EMWS 75 normal resistance

@whsox9 then time and price not agreeing with your decisions. shake it off and avoid trading in day like today $ES_F

68.75 is a retest PFS if long $ES_F

I do not have a crystal ball, no one does. I am just trying to read the tape $ES_F

@ciscohitt agree with the zone, but not proportionate to the swing $ES_F ow.ly/ZjojE so if nibble short no guarantee wont bust

61.5 angel for now $ES_F dont be afraid to miss trades @MissTrade does all the time 🙂

@whsox9 study some of these outstanding traders ow.ly/ZjpfA most give away so much info for free #FF

March Big Boyz look ow.ly/Zjq0I $ES_F I remember the jam from 66.25 well #EMWS knocked out 84 shorts who thought had position

@MissTrade wtg matt if it works for u $ES_F not in the habit here of giving back 15 points out of a 20 point swing #EMWS

@ciscohitt as always I thank u for your insights Kid. $ES_F

custom chart had the agg resistance ow.ly/Zjre5 $ES_F paid into angel 61.5 and luck for more if short

new members in #EMWS remind me to show u the custom chart parameters in rabid dog day

80% of this move is roll related imho. Shorts got the oppty to enter near the highs. Longs will be looking to do the same near better value

@jvick7575 this was what i had for june ow.ly/Zju6c $ES_F

honest injun trade. keepum honest, especially late shorts $ES_F 69.25 PFS and get to 72/75 a winner on runners day low is in probably

@jvick7575 thank u. take your time learning. this is 23 or so years at it and i feel i am still in 3rd grade $ES_F

longs are bouncing $ES_F 40 back is 74.5, then the 79.75 next player and serious must get paid if long. heading to the pool

@jvick7575 believe in yourself. get profitable on simulator first b4 throwing away $$

lol swimming laps it came to me . test 82.5 and maybe 85. then battle for doji close $ES_F 60 back is 85.25 #EMWS if PFS by 79 why not (intuition)

OTF buyers used 56.5 with 53.5 stop $ES_F #EMWS

Trade one vehicle and trade it well. Dont need to trade 5 different futures $ES_F

When I heard bears chest pumping and bulls giving up, I knew the odds were changing. Stay humble, listen to the market $ES_F

@spz_trader thanks Pauly I like the numbers but Psychology and sentiment does play a role tick balance helpful ow.ly/ZjJKj $ES_F