#EMWS Club 200 15 RTH $ES_F find the chart in play

MWS Pop goes the weasel capture something by 96 if long any shorts today use 2 point stop and be disciplined

#EMWS Club 200 note 2297.75 aggressive resistance target Pre market $ES_F

#EMWS Get on the scoreboard $ES_F

#EMWS Gap traders Paid for sure by 2292 if scalped short , gravy below $ES_F

#EMWS Any re entry longs paid for sure by 95.25 $ES_F

#EMWS intraday breakout retested at 91.5 $ES_F retest demon 95.5 and good fortune above for 97.75 target

#EMWS Club 200 Stops up if long at 97 Risk reward coming in $ES_F

#EMWS Club 200 Squeeze Trades take time and patience but usually get near the target $ES_F Bingo and Breathless

#EMWS T1 is 2300.5 today $ES_F make sure paid by D top if long

#EMWS Using 2302 to 2305 as resistance. No profit from long, no edge $ES_F risk small Keep profits, risk 10%

2303 Is Primary Target achieved, any day high available in MBO

#EMWS Club 200 target 2304.75 is T2 today, back later $ES_F avoid trouble

5 Globex #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS Using 2298 now as aggressive support (was prior resistance) $ES_F honor maximum loss rule in RDD

@RectorRe Thanks Robert. Fading this type move not usually worth it once we get a head of steam up $ES_F trapped shorts still being squeezed

@RectorRe #EMWS Video A bit sanitized compared with Club 200. Thank you for your positive comments $ES_F

Time for a swim. Easier than shovelling snow 🙂 #EMWS hope you had a good day

Thank You

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