RT The Fib Dr 2/8/2017 Morning Fibs and Calendar $ES_F $NQ_F $TF_F $YM_F

#EMWS sideways until someone blinks 30 Globex $ES_F

#EMWS Club 200 Pre market if short PFS by 2285.75 extended hours gap $ES_F seed capital. Angel test is 85.25

#EMWS Wink’n Blink’in and Nod $ES_F yeehas at 82 and good fortune below if short

@MrTopStep thinking 78 support for now, but paid into 83/82 is smart $ES_F

Armstrong on Trump Trusting The Brains $$$$$$$

#EMWS Club 200 Beautiful symmetry at 2281 $ES_F

#EMWS Using 2286.25 as Half gap $ES_F

#EMWS shorts in the hole were the fuel for the gap close $ES_F

#EMWS Never turn your back on the Boyz $ES_F low is likely in for the day Trailers only past 89.75

#EMWS Tedious day, but well orchestrated by the Boyz $ES_F

RT Fari H Equity Markets Timing Webinar #54 with Fari Hamzei…