Step by Step

Umbrella Pattern

10 Globex

30 RTH   1929 Bull Bear (From Tuesday)

1902 Resistance

Gap Closed 1888.5 Done

Blue line getting tired, stretched

Double bottom Testing

5 Globex Rain Hit, in the funnel


15 Funnel, higher lows higher highs now

Gap closing  Market has reversed

Primary Box

91 support face ripping

Dynamite triangle

Taylor Day 3

3:41 E: @dizz1e i will look for close today, then overnight range, then decide where best odds are. Expecting 32/38 zone is next key

3:42 E: @dizz1e yes typically can buy first pullbacks. 12 to 15 important now as support below 23 $ES_F


Wednesday Evening momo Follow thru


RT @eminiwizard: shorts need to bust 98.5 for any traction this afternoon $ES_F // dynamite triangle wins crazy day

RT @RenaTrader: Special price for the new challenge that starts on Monday: US$ 575.00 #DiamondSetups

“Expecting 32/38 zone is next key” RT @dizz1e: @eminiwizard got it thx / ok going to bed, you’re in charge 🙂

inevitable to leave chips on the table in a day like this. Be grateful for what, if any we took from the day. $ES_F

sharp “slingshot trades” come from logical zones based on ” proportionate scale” $ES_F

Deja vu 29 outlier zones as boxed earlier $ES_F

T1 long side is 30 fwiw $ES_F

Timing trade, dont have to short, but should get paid if long by 27/28 $ES_F

yest middle 25.75 tested. trapped shorts squeezed until the cows come home $ES_F 29.5 next for resistance, if not 32 back into play

Time for a swim but its raining (: $ES_F best trades for the day based on R/R done 11/12 pivot in control for now

Psychology Day: leave conservative shorts at the altar, hit lates hard with an uppercut from Big support 1892.75 $ES_F

shorts lost control when couldnt bust back into IB $ES_F Be flexible

RT @eminiwizard: PFS by 02 if long, low may be in for day $ES_F sharp bounces come from that 85 support typically first time back

RT @Serial_Trader_: @ciscohitt @eminiwizard I’m going for gap fill, babies! / nicely done if trailed/ or rebought $ES_F

This is the Big Boyz Box I thought we were in $ES_F TD3 playing out

bingo and flat at 18.25 to 19.5 knock stops from overnight maybe $ES_F 23 resistance

Both sides have money day… keep profits if any time $ES_F risk small if at all

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #TurnAroundTuesday is back (for now) #ES_F Isn’t today wednesday? hmmm U acting like old person now

Using 15.5 as gap close $ES_F demon at 18.25 and best be paid by 15 if played the TD3 trade

Keeping 1900 as marker for longs done by 12 if long and trailers for gap $ES_F

shorts need to bust 98.5 for any traction this afternoon $ES_F

12 stops for short is an odds trade that longs want profits on a 1% + swing $ES_F using 1900 as key pivot for now

using 11/ 12 for next resistance test (failed overnight) $ES_F

previous chart said watch for the slope line to get tired $ES_F

RT @Serial_Trader_: @ciscohitt @eminiwizard I’m going for gap fill, babies! / lol possible, but may need some bleed first $ES_F taking lunch

Lots of trapped shorts now so be wary of looking for big trades short $ES_F

Bingo 08 $ES_F

TD3 is Taylor day 3 thats why snaps were expected today. PFS by 7.5 to 8.25 retest if long

Half gap is 1907.5 as resistance target for now $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: Keeping an eye on 10 min chart this morning $ES_F snaps can come anytime today. TD3 / snap time

PFS by 02 if long, low may be in for day $ES_F sharp bounces come from that 85 support typically first time back

99.75 may become key for now, if cant hold we test 1902 $ES_F

5 RTH Looks like descending triangle for now MATD trades have played out reasonably in stolen range$ES_F

Re entry shorts PFS by 92.75 if took it $ES_F need some consolidation I think, dont over trade

Why not be healthy and happy? #naplesfl

watching big boyz 92.75 marker for clues today $ES_F nice bounce for profit taking is all we know. Rain here later, took my walk

RT @verniman: #ES_F LVN 1886 from 02/16 playing as support / nice post for profilers

Bingo Bango Bongo. $ES_F Done, Primary targets achieved

Dumb luck, needed courage to jump in with trend $ES_F umbrella trade. Altar boys wanting conservative entry missed

Golf anyone ? make sure paid by 90.5 shorts risk reward coming in $ES_F trail only using 98 resistance for gap T1 is 1885 as support

92.75 test was destined $ES_F could feel the rhythm for it 5 globex

take a yeehaa at 92 if got it good fortune below $ES_F 🙂

Trailers and re entries short for 92.75 agg support 90.5 and 88 gap Probably harder than we think for those targets . Agg resistance 1902

Longs are paying up, stops down if trailer into 96/94.5 $ES_F

Timing Trade Paid for sure (PFS) if short by 98.25 angel $ES_F

30 RTH shows some important info. Losing 23 hurt the bulls $ES_F Big moves lately have been overnight jump the creek

So many valuable resources available online today. We have come a long way from the old merc rooms. $ES_F Many solid traders to learn from

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #CL_F & #GC_F dictate #ES_F action; Will watch NQ-4085 ES-1892 YM-16,180 levels for key support

RT @FuturesTrader71: LIVE #TraderBite in 1 min. Current mkt context & today’s plan. PLEASE RT #FT71 #ES_F

RT @MrTopStep: Good Morning Traders & Good Day! / Back at you from sunny Naples Fla.

RT @PivotBoss: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist PivotBoss Pre Mkt Report 02 24 16 / another pro worth a look

Keeping an eye on 10 min chart this morning $ES_F snaps can come anytime today. TD3

RT @krazytoo: $ES_F Trade Plan video premarket Tues Feb 23 join us live info in video #ES_F

Team #EMWS print out the Umbrella Pattern so you can recognize it $ES_F

120 chart $ES_F get some seed capital, java, and ready for the RTH session

PFS 96.25 target $ES_F weak hands on the short side if didnt play overnight

Risk / reward is the problem , especially pre market $ES_F

Advised the other day paid by 98, and 96 to 92.75 big boy support. These are now targets $ES_F

Big Boyz Boxes $ES_F