#EMWS Club 200 focus on some charts with no spaghetti for better insight $ES_F if no edge no trade

#EMWS Any longs PFS by 2366.25 to 2367.75 $ES_F

#EMWS This squeeze machine is hunting stops premarket $ES_F next resistance targets remain 2368 to 2371 as previously posted

#EMWS Paid into 2363.75 half gap if took gap trade $ES_F

#EMWS Take the fast nickel any time over the slow boat to china $ES_F Thank the generals for backing up the train 62/61 as gap

RT @krazytoo $ES_F Premarket analysis and trade plan setup Feb 23… #ES_F #EMWS

#EMWS Good night Irene 15 min Globex $ES_F Trailers only below 61, PFS

#EMWS Overnight Angel test is 59.5 $ES_F

Find one good trade a day. #EMWS Club 200 Kudos if you took the convenient trade during RTH $ES_F 55 remains support

#EMWS Dime time by 2358 and nice set up this morning for Wrong Way Charlie $ES_F risk reward was the problem for longs

#EMWS Below 2356.75 is good fortune $ES_F

#EMWS Bingo 55 $ES_F T1 today is 54.75

#EMWS The 456 Trade is done, T2 today is 2350.5 $ES_F assumed support zone is 2252 to 2250 now

#EMWS Club 200 Quick review $ES_F

#EMWS If long Paid for sure by Retest 59.5 $ES_F

#EMWS Primary Trade is done, and it’s a Z $ES_F back later. any re entry shorts think small

#EMWS 30 Minute Globex algos on their game today $ES_F

Suggested to #EMWS to look for Doji close near 2362/2361, with aggressive resistance 2365 Demon as intraday longs take profits $ES_F

#EMWS Club 200 a Private video has been posted to the website explaining the mechanics of today’s Trade Logic $ES_F

Thank You

@TraderSmarts @Real_EdLam @WatermanLXXIII @RectorRe @tampasanj @Axehead @RobPaul @BEFREEinFL @Intuitive_Power @shemesht @pipsnticks thanks to all, much appreciated