“Be a Lover of the market, not a fighter”- Ernie Roseman


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A reminder on Valentine’s Day #EMWS ow.ly/tPO4308ZqSe Be a Lover of the Market, Not a Fighter $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele wondering when we get the stopped clock trade for the short side. $ES_F

#EMWS recommended any shorts try risk two make two because of the nature of this beast and PFS by 2322 to 2219.75 $ES_F

RT @krazytoo $ES_F Premarket Analysis and Hypos Feb 14 ln.is/www.youtube.co… #ES_F #EMWS

#EMWS Yesterday’s middle is 2321 $ES_F think small

#EMWS Club 200 Read the tape step by step ow.ly/eWGO30906df $ES_F The Professional Edge for serious traders and investors

#EMWS Club 200 Bingo Boyz by 2331.75 to 2334.75 Targets $ES_F Trailers only past 2229

“We now live in the land of the Blind, an unemotional reality where The One-eyed man is King in the Land of the Algo’s” $ES_F

#EMWS 15 minute RTH chart ow.ly/jKzO3090eCF $ES_F keeping 2318 support until broken. “Pay attention to support in uptrends”

LewBowman yes. For Day traders we thought yesterday’s RTH low was an aggressive zone. Paid by 22 to 19.75 if short this morning in buy zone

#EMWS Club 200 got your four points today? Lock ’em up and nothing to prove $ES_F new opportunities present themselves every day

#EMWS keep it simple. a few ideas, a few charts ow.ly/XIGf3090o8U $ES_F think systems that can be duplicated

pool time , Have a great day everyone

@kathigrace I like tradestation, ninja trader, IB and suggest researching stage Five, Trading Technologies and @AnthonyCrudele as resources

Thank You

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