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Update for #EMWS students ow.ly/pAis306IfTb $ES_F

NQ was in a hurry to backpedal and take profits from 4900 ow.ly/5l9r306IhXz #EMWS

@RectorRe thanks Robert, nice to be back at work and I appreciate your comment

@WatermanLXXIII thanks for your info, We need some profit taking and may get some volatility/ time correction. Santa Rally was powerful

15 Globex ow.ly/ZgS2306IGpe consolidating $ES_F

#EMWS Gotta love the retest 2187.5 ow.ly/y4ob306IKc3 $ES_F T2 today is 2185.5 PFS into aggressive zone if short

@MrTopStep #EMWS looks like 11/21 gap at 2180.5 is the carrot $ES_F 30 RTH ow.ly/4Uay306IMgG

@ES_F__NQ_F thanks for your insights

@ES_F__NQ_F super squeeze by the Boyz caught a lot of shorts off guard #EMWS screenshot.net/yz5q9f5.jpg

@Axehead @ES_F__NQ_F @MrTopStep @WatermanLXXIII @RectorRe @BEFREEinFL @AlphaDogTrading @casper409 @11cjh11 @lehmanterms @Jediphone thank you

@JohnConaway @WardenGreat @BidnAsk @RenaTrader @masayang @StevenTaggart @Jersey_Drew thanks to all for recent posts on #EMWS

@HamzeiAnalytics @Trader_Says @rock_man11 @BrentRShelton @tampasanj @jsfalvo @shemesht ditto, thank you all for recent posts / rt’s

To all those I missed saying “thank you”, know that it is appreciated

@StevenTaggart Family first. My 95 year old mom passed away Nov 11 and I needed some time to deal with it. Not easy.

@StevenTaggart thanks Steve. No regrets, she lived a beautiful life.

@shemesht thank you very much.