#EMWS Testing SOC 2266 $ES_F

We’ll meet again The white cliffs of Dover #EMWS Vera Lynn #Holidaymemories

@LoveLiveHomes The most inexpensive way is to review my free videos and charts and legacy

@LoveLiveHomes thanks for asking Best way is to take an inexpensive course to see insights from 25 years experience

“Pay attention to support in uptrends” $ES_F

@LoveLiveHomes yes we specialize in day trading. Best day traders understand and take cues from swing and position trading ideas #EMWS

RT #EMWS will continue to use the 2187.5 BiG Pivot for support until undermined again $ES_F Swing Trader Special

@LoveLiveHomes Nav special focused on day trading, getting organized. This course deepens understanding of another piece of puzzle

when I teach I weave day swing and position ideas together, but focus more on one aspect. We cant ignore big picture as day trader

2272 to 2275.5 still remains as #EMWS next resistance targets, and 2285.5 as Primary Resistance target for 2017 $ES_F

@LoveLiveHomes We try to find a few high odds, low risk trades a day, teach traders how to become independent, use tools & common sense

Two for one special contact admin@eminiwizard. com and use “241” key to get both Nav special and Swing Trader Special if registered by 12/23

2262.5 half gap #EMWS aggressive support $ES_F Back later.

@RectorRe Back at you Robert #EMWS 5 RTH $ES_F

@LoveLiveHomes yes, you will get both concepts.

11/3 possible temporary big picture ending diagonal #EMWS 91/ 92 agg pivot 15globex $ES_F

As it turned out it wasnt temporary $ES_F

#EMWS Current frame $ES_F

@krazytoo Thanks Doug. I was reposting that chart/post from Nov 3rd when I referenced it as “possible ending diagonal”. It was $ES_F

This is RT of post made 11/3 regarding that swing low E @eminiwizard Nov 3 EOD big picture #EMWS $ES_F

So position, swings, and day trades need reconciliation by time and price $ES_F

@investasy thank you

@MrTopStep market tool that shakes out late longs and shorts $ES_F

RT Renato “Lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” – Tony Robbins

RT Deli Great to hear you enjoyed it! I have a ton of respect for @steenbab He was one of the 1st blogs I ever read #FuturesRadio BidnAsk @BidnAsk @AnthonyCrudele @steenbab great show

Thank You

@LowFloatPros investasy @krazytoo @pipsnticks @RectorRe @EddyBAZILE @dollarprinter @LoveLiveHomes @Brasil61 @TheFibDoctor @StevenTaggart @pipsnticks @rock_man11 @Axehead thanks to all, much appreciated