Inside day comes first $ES_F #EMWS MATD traders try to get seed capital premarket

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#EMWS paid by 2256.5 if long $ES_F , trailers only above in IB

#EMWS Stops up on trailers into 62/63 if long $ES_F

@arne_reabel @rock_man11 murrey math part of the system #EMWS

$ES_F SOC 2266 important today #EMWS will show respect for that zone

#Dollar is a main focus for all traders regardless what youre trading; were breaking out on 60 min charts & daily indicates test of 104.70

#EMWS SOC 2266 Tested the Boyz make it look easy $ES_F inside day playing out so far

#EMWS Today’s Angels and Demons $ES_F note they are dynamic and can change during the session

One of the Boyz in action #EMWS

#EMWS Back later, If short PFS by 2258 Pivot $ES_F

#EMWS 30 Globex EOD Angels and Demons Inside Day $ES_F

@rock_man11 The market provides us with the information #EMWS Study and you will grasp it

Thank You

@arne_reabel @rock_man11 @etsuri @mnytr35 @pipsnticks @ciscohitt @BEFREEinFL thanks to all, appreciated