Angels and Demons


@rock_man11 Range Trading between Angels and Demons until one side prevails #EMWS time and price are clues $ES_F

@rock_man11 will show you later

@rock_man11 It’s a techique I learned from Kevin Haggerty and it’s really his signal bar strategy for Pro Traders

Angel test is 2249.5 $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: @WSJ Must be time to take profits then. Please let us know when the party hats are on /the herd is your friend at the end

Keep profits #EMWS re entry shorts paid for sure by 2252 $ES_F

2262 presumed stop for algos short $ES_F

+1100 ticks and – 1350 ticks helpful today $ES_F

#EMWS 2258 + only for trailers $ES_F

#EMWS day trade longs with 42 support paid for sure by 2252/2255 $ES_F

#EMWS Using 2252 to 2255 as key resistance right now $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS Using 2228 as position support, 2242 aggressive swing support $ES_F march contract / know your numbers

#EMWS Day Trader target 48 42 for the next gap $ES_F all but done

Trailers only below 2253 Gap is open 2250 $ES_F risk reward now

#EMWS 56.75 /56.5 is primary short target today, now good fortune below $ES_F

Options x this week too, so take what we can $ES_F

#EMWS Shorts need to undermine 2255 zone to rock and roll $ES_F not yet

@TheFibDoctor 🙂 thanks Dave

#EMWS Know your system 🙂 $ES_F Paid for sure by 2259 if short

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS is using 2263 as Primary magnet $ES_F Hit and run if playing today / this is agg support

SOC 2266 for a #EMWS bias key $ES_F

RT @e : If long #EMWS stops up into primary targets 2272 to 2275 $ES_F FED Up into meeting didn’t disappoint longs

@MrTopStep imho smart day trade shorts took profits ahead of news

@MrTopStep Just like Parents and kids, 80% predictable, 20% wild card

Great gift idea for traders looking to understand how #EMWS analyzes swing trading T.A., tools, your common sense

@RectorRe Thank you! We are and I wish the same for you Robert.

RT What are you doing next #FOMC day? How about join us for our next workshop?…

Viewng this mornings pullback as smart Longs taking profits ahead of FOMC #EMWS

#EMWS If Short PFS by 2260.5 Bingo Line more is good fortune $ES_

Half gap at 65.75, PFS into 66/68 if long $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: $CL_F 15 min chart. Learn to properly draw fibs and you can do this all day /Dave’s a master at it

#EMWS is using 2263 as Primary magnet $ES_F Hit and run if playing today

$ES_F Structure FOMC introduces risk reward ideas today for longs #EMWS keep it simple

No Fear into FOMC $ES_F 60 Globex

Proactive Market Timing Webinar Tonight is now posted here… PLEASE RT

Thank You

@rock_man11 @clayidus @TheFibDoctor @BEFREEinFL @MrTopStep @RectorRe @tampasanj @BrentRShelton @Jediphone @shemesht @pipsnticks @bocajoes thanks to all