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#EMWS Using 2228 as position support, 2242 aggressive swing support $ES_F march contract

Santa’s Elves have been busy Using 2262.5 agg resistance target for now $ES_F

@Serious_Trader @SusanCTShore @Axehead @investasy @bocajoes @thallex thanks to all, much appreciated

Now using 2272 to 2275.75 as aggressive resistance, and 2254.75 as aggressive support $ES_F

If long #EMWS says stops up into primary targets 2272 to 2275 $ES_F FED Up into meeting didn’t disappoint longs

@AnneMarieTrades IB low basically 2 day middle right now, keying off that $ES_F HOD may be in for day

Chasers have been rewarded lately in a meltup #EMWS 100 big ones in 7 trading days $ES_F Boyz have an agenda

RT Didn’t have a rotation down this morning. OD opening type. Hypo 2 has been in play. #Ft71 #ES_F

RT @HamzeiAnalytics Good chance you top the 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year before June 2017. Keep up the great work.

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RT @WSJ Must be time to take profits then. Please let us know when the party hats are on

@BidnAsk @AnthonyCrudele @verniman Thanks BAA Haven’t read it, wil skim it Crashing time

Thank You

@rock_man11 @BidnAsk @AnneMarieTrades @EmaPourvase @Jediphone thanks to all