@dbklozur @onefourdroopy thank you

@dbklozur thank you. Just as a good hitter studies pitchers, we study markets for clues ow.ly/Ta2A5 $ES_F

16:14 E 92 resistance til broken 16:14 E target 98/ 2002 tomorrow possible $ES_F 72/75 support bringing you today’s news yesterday #EMWS

14:01 E t1 98.5 $ES_F 13:58 E reminder first pb are usually trend trades #EMWS

11:54 Emini Wizard trap and squeeze frog in boiling water $ES_F dips bought all day long HH/HL

above 2002 target is goooooood fortune $ES_F Today’s T2 is 2007.5 and using 2008 as resistance for now get paid for sure advised if long

14:07 Emini Wizard 85 support for profits $ES_F re-entry longs 14:11 Emini Wizard first pb are buyable #EMWS

@canuk1 great thought tom 14:49 E please tell me what is the next major target for the longs 15:16 E: my idea is take out the 12011.75 hig

15:02 Emini Wizard using 2008 as resistance $ES_F payday for day traders

@spz_trader 70/75 intact this morning led to squeeze ow.ly/TbwGp 15’s in play power charts $ES_F

@canuk1 yes correct, check fibo page and 78.6% is? 15:32 Emini Wizard xxxx 78.6% = 8.75 Nice work Tom #EMWS

@pmayrinck1 yes stay out of the way of freight trains. first of month bias playing out. above 2012 we have 17 gap and 20 resistance likely

time for a walk. be well and thanks all #EMWS

@canuk1 I believe having a thesis based on “Big Boyz” positions/swings helps us be better day traders ow.ly/TbMva $ES_F

Today’s short story… ow.ly/TbNOX $ES_F just havin’ fun. Stay flexible

@pmayrinck1 @sellputs @canuk1 @spz_trader @Fazalv @SlipstreamTrade @sewerpimp @shemesht @dbklozur @AnthonyCrudele thanks all $ES_F