Stockholm Syndrome

The Comey Comedy

The Warren Commission

Huma Abedin

More Clinton Docs MIA Armstrong

Clinton Foundation and Treason Armstrong

RT @eminiwizard: 78 ending diagonal still seems supportive $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS Day Traders keep eye on time, Holdovers have a plan $ES_F

RT Globex Big Picture B4 election shorts will want to cover some profits / hedge $ES_F


The American Public that has bought into the FBI / DOJ comedy is likely experiencing the Stockholm Syndrome

The comedy of comey is the irrational timing of the bombshells a week ago friday and then again today. Something afoot at the circle K

@BamaTrader Thanks Bama and Kudos for a great finish against LSU.

Overnight players may be looking at 92.25 support and above 12.25 to 17.75 as next resistance $ES_F #EMWS be conservative if u play

60 Globex $ES_F Stolen Range #EMWS

@50Pips I think 90% of $ES_F traders got dumped EOD Fri before the gap up and missed most of the overnight move #EMWS need a ticket to ride

Armstrong On Treason and the Clinton Foundation More Clinton Docs missing from White House

Huma Abedin … the ritual degradations of a husband’s sex scandals in exchange for power gone but not forgotten?

Government Cover Ups are the norm, not the exception Warren Commission. I’m from the government and I’m here to help

@GeneralLinji thanks for sharing your opinion. IMHO She is a major player in this script and I am trying to understand how she fits in

#EMWS Allow trapped shorts time to wiggle out some of their position at the open $ES_F

+1491 tics out of the gate #EMWS Using 2106 as bias pivot $ES_F

@GeneralLinji This election has polarized our country like Watts riots. Trying to understand her connections and how she fits into dialogue

RT @e : Overnight players may be lookin at 92.25 support and above 12.25 to 17.75 as next resistance $ES_F #EMWS be conservative if u play

Trading today as if there is limited opportunity either direction. Chasers Long who close eyes and buy keep eyes on news events today $ES_F

This #EMWS 2117.25 target was what I had in mind as next potential objective for longs $ES_F

T2 at 2121.25 to 2123.25 Is Primary target achieved long side for #EMWS any day high possible, Protect Profits mode now $ES_F

5 RTH Trapped shorts fueled this squeeze $ES_F will maintain vigilance on 2134 / 2135 going forward

Elementary, my dear Watson anger and fear are the Primary colors of this election

One day more! Another day, another destiny. Les Mis Do you hear the people sing?

Done for Day, protect yourself #EMWS Anything can happen $ES_F 30 tunnel thru time $ES_F

@xyz3875 thank you Giedrius . Please email me a few of your questions at Not an expert, but have had some experience

#EMWS Today’s late day squeeze on trapped shorts was a mirror of Friday’s close $ES_F went further than I expected today with that melt up


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