60’s turn ow.ly/T70Ne $ES_F cant get no satisfaction

8:41 E so 88/92 available today 9:05 E shorts are yet again being squeezed 9:22 E careful of early squeeze targeting 87.5 to 88 first $ES_F

09:01 Emini Wizard what target is likely? 91.5 is projected target that method $ES_F say yeehaa if long. stops up, risk reward coming in

11:06 Emini Wizard 72 available $ES_F reversal trades are welcome for flexible traders

11:05 Emini Wizard 68 close gap done and whoood a thunkit $ES_F

11:31 E primary trade is done 11:52 E shorts timing not good so let market breathe 12:03 E low and hi could be in for day $ES_F

13:04 E bear flag right now dont get caught short still can retest 78/82 range 13:32 E paid into 82 ladies and gentlemen13:33 E 82.25 retest

13:45 E using 88 resistance for profit taking if it doesnt work leave it be 14:11 E paid into 82 $ES_F 82.25 is key now for rest of day

14:14 Emini Wizard 78 is mid swing $ES_F even i can think of that #EMWS get paid if short

stop trying to figure out why and anticipate the turns of the tape $ES_F

@TraderSmarts thanks Tony, much appreciated as always $ES_F

@TraderSmarts @sewerpimp @clayidus @pipsnticks @shemesht @abdulalikon @ManOverMarket thanks all #EMWS

15:28 E overnight high was 85.5 $ES_F 15:41 E paid into 85 if long

15:42 Emini Wizard 89.25 is must be paid by (demon) $ES_F

@dbklozur @onefourdroopy thank you