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Nice 60% pullback overnight to the 48.25 magnet 46.5 to 45 stop for #EMWS longs, keep risk small as not much edge here $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII thanks. watching Hurricane Matthew, taking it one step at a time. $ES_F risk 2 make 2 zone if playing

#EMWS think inside day first, yesterday’s differential favors shorts for testing support. Using 2150 for B/B line $ES_F

15 Globex $ES_F Dont trade just to be in the game. Have an edge or don’t play #EMWS

@CNBCi actually I feel I am more at risk in Florida because now I find myself closer to snakes and alligators when I hit off the fairway

half gap to gap aggressive resistance for the open #EMWS

risk 2 make 2 #EMWS PFS by 46.5/45 if short $ES_F lucky guess

#EMWS Recent NS Traders should recognize the Pipe $ES_F

#EMWS Large Traders and Investors should focus on 45.75 as a key level for position trades $ES_F

Yesterday’s 58/62 zone as resistance intact, so testing support in inside day so far, gap closed #EMWS more is dumb luck $ES_F 44.75 s1

T1 is 2143.25 today, next support tagged. 2141 yesterday’s low PFS by 42/43 if short. #EMWS Perfect target 2143

#EMWS All stops down if day trade or swing short from 58 resistance $ES_F

@MrTopStep Be safe, and keep it on your side of Fla please

@WatermanLXXIII u got your bearish scenario, nice bias for the morning $ES_F

#EMWS T2 2139.25 and next support under 41 low $ES_F back later

#EMWS Perfect target 43 what a set up Boyz in control of this market. 42 support until broken $ES_F still inside day

@WatermanLXXIII thanks and enjoy the week off

#EMWS Symmetry says 48 to 50 aggressive support, and squeeze from 52 if stays intact $ES_F

@MrTopStep makes sense if u hunkered down in a submarine…

#EMWS Gotcha Trade risk and reward time $ES_F

@ciscohitt Old golfer’s Joke. Only need 2 gotcha’s per round, 1 is the set up and the other never gets used 🙂

#EMWS inside day plays out, nicely done Boyz $ES_F