Bigger picture for Team E $ES_F gn all

30 min chart in play today $ES_F

8:24 E agg longs already bought a 2 day 40 back at 63.5 $ES_F 8:42 E agg support angel 65.5 for the 75.25 gap #EMWS

9:31 E hoping for two way day 9:45 E target 82.5 testing potential today so that is resistance target $ES_F

9:46 E: nearer we get to it the more risk and reward comes into play #EMWS 9:54 E stop run coming and ball handed to charlie maybe $ES_F

10:39 Emini Wizard PLEASE GET PAID BY 70 $ES_F

10:33 Emini Wizard 68.25 yest IB high 10:52 Jason u thinking 66 10:55 E: yes $ES_F

11:56 Emini Wizard possibly 62 test paid into 65 for sure #EMWS think like a bot $ES_F

8:05 Emini Wizard today should be careful of head fakes outside the 62/82 $ES_F quiet confidence needs no chest thumping

8:20 E today is potentially a day of smoke and mirrors. yest was straight up. day before was reverse rabid dog day. today may be quiet pb

8:06 Emini Wizard we have come too far too fast but market is going to consolidate I believe rather than big pb $ES_F premise intact

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you can be a journalist and review… or you can anticipate the zones to do business and write the script $ES_F your choice