Iron Mike

Sway: That strong bias refers to trading…but also with our preference for ideologies and Presidential candidates #Blindspots

yesterday’s 36 low was a perfect .61 fibo extension #EMWS testing 48/52 aggressive resistance $ES_F

RT @FuturesTrader71: ICYMI yesterday – Video of current composite forming #FT71 #ES_F /nice work Inspector Clouseau
FuturesTrader71 @FuturesTrader71
VIDEO: So where has the #ES_F traded since the Sept 9th drop? Let’s look at how the profile has developed for clues #FT71

Tale of the tape #EMWS $ES_F Step by Step 46.25 Todays pp

Pre market is for gathering seed capital. Spread out our risk taken during different times of the day for better balance in perception #EMWS

DayATD traders thinking conservatively #EMWS Hit and run thinking 2 way day $ES_F

#EMWS Using 53.5 as Primary target long, good fortune for longs to 56.75 $ES_F Mike Tyson open

Iron Mike #EMWS Stops up, Trailers only if long $ES_F hit and run day

+1200 tics nice start today balancing yesterday’s extreme negative divergence $ES_F

RT @Ancient_Warrior: If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in #prayer. Matthew 21:22 #Gratitude / use stops just in case

#EMWS traders 48.25 is half gap and aggressive support right now $ES_F

market wants to stop out aggressive shorts before rotating $ES_F

scor_zone #EMWS 48 aggressive support key for now bounce with Iron Mike squeeze pivot $ES_F

@scor_zone get half gap short be happy today; Boyz jammed aggressive zone, trapped shorts need to wiggle out $ES_F

The good fortune target of 56.75 is hit Swiss cheese trading $ES_F hit and run #EMWS now using 58/62 for resistance

RT @MissTrade: Still Making the Same Trading Mistakes? What are you doing to Own it and Change?: via @YouTube

@accesstotrade silly me, I was thinking a cold brew… coaches can help us, but we need to be 100% responsible $ES_F buck stops with us

Timing trade Paid For Sure if long , wimpy range to work with 52 now aggressive support, T2 2162 as resistance $ES_F

Think like an algo and trading is easier but not easy. Boyz are funny today with their little squeeze play $ES_F Charlie loved long at 56

market up all night, up all morning, up during lunch, and u want more? #EMWS Sorry Charlie $ES_F cover by 52 if short, trail only for more

Find the rhythm and dance to the tune $ES_F small yeehas in #EMWS hit and run day

Rain hit at 52 #EMWS Time for a swim $ES_F

Thank You

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