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soft range so far, yesterday’s low important ahead of 2142 #EMWS relax and dont get too excited $ES_F

Boyz are running the table #EMWS t2 today is 2146.25 and target achieved, gravy below, and S2 is 2145.25 today $ES_F

Sway: When we create a strong bias, we tend to want to defend that idea rather than remain open to alternative possibilities #EMWS

sidelines recommended right now #EMWS keep profits if any $ES_F

@ciscohitt smart. the kings and queens 5 minute bars are ridiculous , worse than FOMC $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele nice call and drinks are on you lol $ES_F 38 test and 2134 the biggie

37.25 is S2 today #EMWS Pay attention to 35.75 low on 9/30 $ES_F

60 Globex $ES_F / 68 to 72 resistance intact, 2131.25/ 2132 next important support below

#EMWS Aggressive support was 2147, so making aggressive resistance now 2148 to 2152 $ES_F

#EMWS 2 x IB target 2137.25 hit, stop run looks like on the 9/30 low PFS 37.5 if short $ES_F

Timing better for longs than shorts , dont get lazy in thinking $ES_F

look for tic divergence this afternoon – 1500 tics around 1:30 if had good day keep profits $ES_F

@krazytoo EST (DSTime) #EMWS 5 Globex $ES_F it was time/ price for a contra though 2136 SOC FOMC

@SJosephBurns great post Steve, (unimportant, but check #7 for typo/grammar)

Thanks to all, Much appreciated

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