Seeing it step by step “The bull climbs up the stairs and the bear jumps out the window” $ES_F

round tripper overnight $ES_F #EMWS

@spz_trader thanks for chart Pauly #FF october has punished chicken little shorts. middle rotation was 1982.5 support 12 days ago $ES_F

@spz_trader gap at 2107 also a key thanks for sharing your ideas. agreed too late to get religion now long side $ES_F

8:32 E agg stop for early shorts 89 $ES_F #EMWS 9:44 E 79.75 is yest globex middle 9:53 E cover by 78.5 advised

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @BamaTrader @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire back at u Rena and all these super traders

10:01 Emini Wizard hold trailer for a few mins if have it for 78.5 to 76.5 $ES_F

10:18 Emini Wizard 77.75 is also? 10:18 Zeek soc $ES_F conservative exit was advised first time back here FOMC scene of crime

10:20 Emini Wizard if bought 78 pfs by 82 the overnight low $ES_F

11:05 E dont get leaning too far short 11:33 E we said git er done by 1130 so edge for shorts is diminishing 11:41 E lunch coming $ES_F

11:41 E keep profits look for bounce at lunch 12:01 E low and hi could be in for day 8:38 E i think we need weekly and monthly profit taking

08:38 E if we get squaring in morning then can bounce into close $ES_F 9:08 E 78.25 s1 9:16 E 2 way day expected

09:40 E keeping 89 agg stop 9:41 E this is knock out agg longs first move $ES_F “Shake and Bake”

10:57 E 82.5 was the overnight low i think they get it higher $ES_F nice rhythm today

@RICKSELEST it means catch aggressive longs early, then catch shorts who overstay. shakeout longs, cook the shorts . neutral 2 way day $ES_F

11:34 E maybe one more reasonable short today $ES_F trailers below 82 14:39 E 80.75 angel

14:29 Emini Wizard lunch low 79.5 $ES_F gravy part now trail it

14:48 Emini Wizard target 76.5 is left over $ES_F

15:28 Zeek I think there will be lots for sale for 4pm close $ES_F

15:52 Emini Wizard if use short 82 tight stop $ES_F

11:50 E 70.25 is t2 15:27 Zeek I think we can get to 73 68 and xx before eod #EMWS a big thanks to my long time savvy friend Zeek $ES_F

8:07 E could be high is in already for day 8:36 E too late to get religion so at this level need to think of as one foot out door $ES_F

11:08 Emini Wizard after 15 use 20 to 30 (min chart) levels $ES_F

@ouduansilian thank u very much !

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RT @AnthonyCrudele: Watch about todays trade call $ES_F I talk about multiple confirmations to trigger TradeSetups

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RT @FuturesTrader71: Look at the volume on that last 15 min bar #FT71 #ES_F

smart is smart. follow the best and learn from them $ES_F

14:58 pt a lot of guys on twitter are saying we have to re test 2030-2025 before we make new highs what do you think e? $ES_F

@stocktrader0610 thank you. We are still focused 2055 and 2088.75 for now $ES_F step by step #EMWS

@vwnige agree too bullish but the Boyz destroyed shorts who got overconfident this month 1982.5 turning point $ES_F

@MissTrade @Jediphone @Marketrend @rbanta @clayidus @ManOverMarket @spz_trader @FatF1nger @AnthonyCrudele @RenaTrader @MarzBonfire thank u

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@stocktrader0610 @vwnige @jwsuga thanks to all and any I missed. Have a nice weekend and enjoy

@jwsuga lol Jason It certainly does, just like our kids. Best to you and yours