8:03 Emini Wizard 72 agg support $ES_F 08:35 E matd says buy a pb #EMWS matd and half gap trade done #kiss 9:44 E i think paid by 82/ 82.25

09:48 Emini Wizard there is a gap remaining at 85.75 and a potential target $ES_F stops up. cant give back 5 to make 2 more

10:01 E back to soc 77.75 $ES_F 10:11 E risk reward coming in stops up if long #EMWS 08:20 E 77.75 is magnet

@ManOverMarket nice touch. yesterday’s scene of crime 77.75 we are thinking +/- line $ES_F

08:32 E guessing we have headfake in both directions after the nonsensical move yest 09:30 E 2 way day i think 10:52 E angel 75 $ES_F

8:59 E 77.75 the middle soc is todays current mid and magnet 9:30 E neutral right now at magnet 77.75 $ES_F 10:01 E back to soc 77.75

@MrTopStep Looking at 2088.75 as a retest of Last year’s high. This year’s open is 2055 so this range is our primary focus right now $ES_F

The Boyz did not disappoint us yesterday RT E: 14:14 E paid by 56 $ES_F 14:14 E if close eyes buy 57 tight stop #EMWS news trading. #EMWS

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life …

Is bound in shallows and in miseries. – No Fear Shakespeare $ES_F

11:52 E pb, trap and squeeze 11:58 E shorts still on the hook 11:58 E may be aatd afternoon after trend day possible for marginal high$ES_F

13:12 E not ruling out the possibility of 85.75/ 88 today may need another swing short to trap more shorts $ES_F

14:06 Emini Wizard rotations have been 2 points higher 73.25 , 75.5 , 77.5 now $ES_F “read the tape”

14:53 E 87.5 to 88.75 as resistance targets $ES_F 15:43 E paid for sure by 85.75 gap fill and stops up #EMWS

@ciscohitt lol long way home trade… the problem in trading. How much drawdown for a few points more 🙂 nice zone

When it becomes obvious to the herd, better off leaving the chump change to Charlie #EMWS

15:53 Emini Wizard retest demon is 82.25 $ES_F

13:32 E hit and run for sure this level, especially longs 15:55 E resistance targets give us an idea of risk and reward $ES_F

15:58 E this is day traders profit taking be done by 82/81 if shorted #EMWS

Bonus chart