OTF level was clear ow.ly/TWiTS $ES_F

8:08 E bias is buy pb 8:45 E magnet is 60.75 $ES_F 9:40 E shake and bake likely that means paid for sure at gap/ 61 #EMWS

08:11 E 68 is likely a sitting duck $ES_F paid for sure

#kiss 09:54 Emini Wizard but bias is buy pb after the half gap/ gap trade 09:55 E so like the idea of trying for the bounce early $ES_F

10:06 Emini Wizard target 71 $ES_F 10:07 Emini Wizard 70 is t1 #EMWS

8:07 Emini Wizard before worrying about the 75 $ES_F No worries 08:08 Emini Wizard bias is buy pb #EMWS

10:58 E may squeeze into lunch for the 77/78 targets so if trail with stop at 69.75 one way to play $ES_F 11:32 E think 76 to 78 #EMWS

14:02 E this is test support/ profit taking 14:11 E for test overnight low 57.5 14:12 E i was thinking 52/55 as deep support $ES_F

13:03 E buy 72 use 2 point stop 10:58 E may squeeze into lunch for the 77/78 targets $ES_F 11:24 E 78.25 is 100% move from yesterday

13:17 Emini Wizard but 82 is a target so resistance target/ 82 stops intact $ES_F

13:53 Emini Wizard 52/55 support $ES_F

14:26 Emini Wizard paid by 66/67 $ES_F

14:36 Emini Wizard make sure paid by 60/ as short $ES_F (allowed one entry as middle resistance) $ES_F

14:37 E we will get crazy swing by eod 14:13 E … 72+ 14:45 Jason paris, I’d call soc 74 $ES_F 14:44 E revisit soc not out of question

14:51 Emini Wizard i see soc 77.5 $ES_F it is also the primary target we had today

14:14 E paid by 56 $ES_F 14:14 E if close eyes buy 57 tight stop #EMWS news trading. not for everyone

15:30 Emini Wizard say yeeeehaa $ES_F #EMWS soc revisited.

15:35 Emini Wizard hod may not be in yet $ES_F stops up if long dont squander profits

13:17 Emini Wizard but 82 is a target 13:27 Emini Wizard reminder there is gap at 85.75 $ES_F

“82 target achieved, make sure you are paid if long.” $ES_F

13:27 E reminder there is gap at 85.75 $ES_F 15:39 E long way home trade #EMWS trap shorts and squeeze #criminal handbook

15:12 Emini Wizard thats what trading is all about ow.ly/TY0sY #EMWS $ES_F shake and bake for flexible thinkers

@ciscohitt nice target cisco.. we thought by eod could get 85+/- day traders out by eod 82+ $ES_F

@shemesht @canuk1 @ciscohitt @ffrias2 @Serious_Trader @dbklozur @clayidus @Gre_talian Thanks to all #EMWS much appreciated