#EMWS Flag pattern ends near 2125, 2122 next visible support $ES_F swing shorts capture by 2125 or trailing stops down to 2132

#EMWS Channel neckline $ES_F update patterns as new information becomes available

#EMWS 10 minute Globex need some consolidation, back and fill (bounce) $ES_F back later

bounce 456 target gap to #EMWS 2140.5 is primary trade $ES_F using 31/32 as aggressive support resist 43.75 to 45.75

60 Globex #EMWS Re entry shorts are PFS by 31 and gravy below $ES_F keep profits if any, risk reward tough now

@stocktrader0610 that was last week’s middle 30.75, and still a broad range right now being resolved. 36 zone +/- key for now I think $ES_F

36 capped the RTH push $ES_F 5 RTH #EMWS that was a risk reward idea for this afternoon


@stocktrader0610 @TTAOptStocks @marketwizardz @Axehead @pipsnticks @StevenTaggart @trading24h @law6 @TheFibDoctor  thanks to all much appreciated