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RT @BEFREEinFL: & Thanks to @AnthonyCrudele – great resource for Traders. / agreed, smart young Turk $ES_F Thanks Freebie

Long side 45.75 resistance has been hit so 48.75 to 53.75 next resistance zone. 2134 LYH aggress swing support $ES_F

44.5 breakout so 41/42 agg support for #EMWS day trade long $ES_F thinking small hit and run if chasing

Heavy lifting was done overnight #EMWS wont over trade the charade in either direction $ES_F

#EMWS If short PFS by 2141, more is gravy $ES_F 2139.5 primary magnet in play behind half gap 2140.75

#EMWS Half gap should be the 41 zone, not yet 15 Globex $ES_F

Thank you

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