8:12 E treat today as neutral rather than rah rah short i think we need to respect longs punching back to catch lazy thinking shorts $ES_F

08:06 Emini Wizard likely bounce, retest some key areas 08:09 E and 60 back is 24.5 area $ES_F

8:14 Emini Wizard so i think we need to respect longs punching back to catch lazy thinking shorts 9:47 Emini Wizard t1 is 31 $ES_F

09:51 Emini Wizard want to bust the 34.25 high $ES_F

09:56 Emini Wizard target 37.5 $ES_F risk reward coming in tighten stops/ capture if long

10:45 Emini Wizard 37.5 to 38.5 targets for today $ES_F 39.25 + is gravy

11:03 E at 2041.5 we have symmetry so target 41.5 NRO now 11:11 E targets 42+ NRO $ES_F

@sewerpimp 11:34 E 42.5 r2 $ES_F 11:39 E that likely 41.5 to 42 targets are available

@sewerpimp thank u pimp… appreciate your insights

megaphone pattern ow.ly/TJ4y6 $ES_F get out of the way of freight trains realign and go to logical targets

12:26 Emini Wizard wt1 48.75 any day high in squeeze $ES_F

12:51 E if u are long and dont take profits near 50 oink oink oink $ES_F 13:42 E stopped clock trade short wrong 5 x before right 1 time

13:54 Emini Wizard 40.5 is magnet $ES_F

14:07Emini Wizard all stops down past the dime $ES_F

14:11 Emini Wizard 35 idea also represents the 34.25 breakout idea $ES_F all stops down into 35 target

RT @eminiwizard: 13:54 Emini Wizard 40.5 is magnet $ES_F // advised longs if bought 35 paid by magnet/ 41

14:55 E then if get 45/47 good fortune win with trailer in trend 14:56 E think like a bot $ES_F

15:27 E i am not recommending shorts 15:27 E new high on close possible $ES_F

15:28 E paid for sure by 47 15:28 E target is 51 to 52 potentially $ES_F so 52 resistance target

11:13 E and this set up is for the yearly open test 2055 $ES_F ow.ly/TJDWn #EMWS 10:03 E reverse rabid dog day (slingshot)

“mission accomplished” $ES_F

@shemesht @sewerpimp @dbklozur @dougby1 @Serious_Trader @onefourdroopy @CatieSpz100 @bocajoes @ciscohitt @jwsuga thanks all