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Just a reminder for #EMWS that LYH is 2134 and that should be a benchmark for progress $ES_F see the bigger picture

#EMWS neck line support $ES_F

We are now officially a Banana Republic Wiki Hawk down Joe Dimaggio gone but not forgotten

#EMWS usually thinks more neutrally during monthly options expiration as Theta Burn lines the pockets of smart money

#EMWS if short PFS by half gap 33.75, thinking small $ES_F

RT @e #EMWS using 43.25 to 45.75 next resistance $ES_F / yesterday’s ideas still in play PFS by T1 2141.75 if long

RT @e #EMWS using 43.25 to 45.75 as next resistance $ES_F /panama canal trade, overnight gooses lift the boat

Thank you !

@wfjp @garlynfabillar @Serious_Trader @StevenTaggart @NRay_ @clayidus @pipsnticks @BEFREEinFL @ciscohitt @WatermanLXXIII @BrentRShelton thanks to all