Richard Maybury  Chaostan
Armstrong The winds of War


@HamzeiAnalytics @AnthonyCrudele @PatSantucci1 no Cohiba? lol

good morning #EMWS 23 bias line support for now $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII back at u . #EMWS using 43.25 to 45.75 as next resistance $ES_F

#EMWS 120 chart in play 28 now aggressive support $ES_F

Dogs of the Dow has been replaced with “Let slip the dogs of war” Martin Armstrong #EMWS

Interested in Geopolitics? Armstrong #EMWS and Maybury ahead of the curve by 25 years

#EMWS PFS by 34 if short $ES_F trailers below

#EMWS stops down if short primary payday 2132.5 and trail for half gap 29/30 $ES_F

#EMWS Yesterday’s high 2130 zone is a retest $ES_F 456 symmetry trade

#EMWS Bingo 2129 half gap and yeeha good fortune below $ES_F

Find one good trade a day #EMWS Play the probabilities $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics lol no way Jose, u will get sucked back in, just like the second Macallan seduces u

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS 120 chart in play 28 now aggressive support $ES_F / if u used 28 support trailers above 37.5

Today’s range trade brought to u by #EMWS 30 min RTH $ES_F

Thank You

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