@HamzeiAnalytics @Capt_Tiko @AnthonyCrudele @PatSantucci1 No table scraps left for capt Tiko if Deli was on his game…

@HamzeiAnalytics @Mourabistro @AnthonyCrudele @PatSantucci1 looks like a fun evening… but where is Capt_Tiko? in the back eating Tuna?

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire Thanks as always Renato back at you and much appreciated #FF

RT @eminiwizard: 10 Globex $ES_F Out of office Friday, best to all #EMWS / slingshot traders paid for sure by 42

#EMWS 60 Chart was in Play Friday, not too bad $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics @Mourabistro @AnthonyCrudele @PatSantucci1 All I know is u had fun while I was on a mission for u

@HamzeiAnalytics Asked my better half to take her shift but she was a wimp muttered Fari should do his own marketing

Using 23 as pivot zone today $ES_F

#EMWS I wanted to use that 23 zone as pivot this morning because Friday’s lows set up as a symmetry pivot $ES_F

Thank You

@HamzeiAnalytics @RenaTrader @StevenTaggart @clayidus @onefourdroopy @Axehead @pipsnticks @Markpzx21 @MyrticeT1 @Jediphone @treysdubya thanks to all