this 14 is magnet and retest of prior high $ES_F

yesterday I said 30 min chart in play weds , 82 support $ES_F Know the levels institutions play and ride them

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @BamaTrader @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire thanks Renato, back at u and these Pros #FF

08:05 E we are retesting the 14.75 high 08:29 E agg support 12.5 buy the 13/14 zone for matd small scalp $ES_F 08:59 E magnet is 14.25

MATD says buy first pb. aggressive buyers this morning premarket already rewarded nicely $ES_F hit and run, weeklies need profits by eod

@ciscohitt thanks cisco. we liked small range after yesterday. Trapped shorts, but longs also weak hands as new buys EOW. $ES_F

08:29 Emini Wizard agg support 12.5 $ES_F14:38 Emini Wizard PFS by the 20.5 demon, trailers past 19

13:15 E maybe 1 headfake outside the range this afternoon 13:49 E gravy at 15 or below 14:02 E 12.5 support attempt 14:48 E target 25 is NRO

14:48 Emini Wizard target 25 is NRO not ruled out $ES_F

@spz_trader great signal. op ex today. We thought range /consolidation and likely not big move either direction $ES_F #FF smart trader

@rolcol325 thank you, much appreciated. Fast company there for sure. $ES_F

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@PivotBoss thank you Frank back at u and be well #FF

@FuturesTrader71 thank you #FF consistently good info and actionable ideas

11:57 Emini Wizard 26.25 = xxx target $ES_F outside shot for high end today 9:31 Emini Wizard using 28 as agg stops for shorts #EMWS #kiss

Is it ok to learn from other traders? $ES_F I say yes Note today’s 1st pullback idea #EMWS