Market Structure #EMWS $ES_F

8:29 E if played long from 88 support cover for sure 9:02 E keeping 02 as agg resistance for now $ES_F

9:13 E matd and under 92 i consider the new territory hit a bounce or two $ES_F

09:13 E think test 87.5 to 85 $ES_F 10:42 E paid for sure at db 89/88 #EMWS trailers

10:55 Emini Wizard t1 is 84.75 so potential 85 $ES_F

13:41:12] Emini Wizard so if shorting say 98/02 zone make sure u never let it go above your entry $ES_F 98.75 demon and 87.5 angel

13:40 E now lunch contra and afternoon need longs take profits so re entry shorts are with 2 day trend and today’s trend $ES_F

14:29 E washout coming for 84.75 to 82 t1 today 84.75 achieved #EMWS $ES_F if short get paid for sure coming into 82.5

12:03 E so 82.5 big idea 13:37 E 82 a theoretical support 14:39 E 82 support for buyers guessing 14:45 E 82.5 target $ES_F

@Serious_Trader @just4girls1 @ciscohitt @canuk1 @SlipstreamTrade @pipsnticks @abdulalikon @onefourdroopy I thank you one and all #EMWS

Market Structure updated The Professional Edge: see trades coming a mile away & confidence to pull the trigger $ES_F

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