Hind sight always easier $ES_F 5 RTH nasty rabid dog day after yesterday’s high flyer

#EMWS 5 Globex $ES_F

#EMWS helps us locate next logical battle zones, large and small need a simple system, play the odds #KISS

aggressive resistance 42 to 45, agg support 2128 to 2125 #EMWS keeping LYH 2134 as benchmark for swings. 2187.5 BIG Pivot intact $ES_F

RT @e : #EMWS Large Traders Investors should focus on 45.75 as key level for position trades $ES_F / still important / MATD PFS by 28/27

New post : The Perfect Storm #EMWS $ES_F

@RectorRe thank you and your comment appreciated more than you know

Step by Step #EMWS $ES_F

zeek sent me this yesterday, using #EMWS “15 math target, then xx” $ES_F trust the system. Kudos Zeek, much appreciated

Thank You

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