@sewerpimp @ProfileTrades @ROC176 @pipsnticks @5280_Trader @ciscohitt @splitnines @onefourdroopy @ffrias2 @abdulalikon thanks to all #EMWS

13:57 Emini Wizard tomorrows target is 15 to 18 #EMWS ow.ly/SS4iS Team E lock it if held swing

The Duprees ow.ly/SS4x9 Why don’t you believe me…#EMWS $ES_F Its a system, trust it.

logical targets we had 15 to18 and 21.25/22 next important defense by shorts. first of month bias long continues 61k contracts step by step

@spz_trader how many points was the plunge on monday… in one day? 63? this is mirror swing. knock ’em down and buy ’em back cheap

this move was destined when 85.25 held today $ES_F sequence trade on only 70k contracts. 28/32 possibly next resistance night all

Monday’s demon is 24.25 Team E Good night $ES_F

11:28 p.m. T2 today was 27.75 so special chow down on texas bbq hats 29.75 in sights of bots search and destroy mission $ES_F

5:41 a.m another day of opportunity ow.ly/SSEYK $ES_F

primary magnet is 20.25 #EMWS $ES_F

yeehaa time I think by 15 $ES_F

bingo, trailers below 15 $ES_F #EMWS 12.5 /11 standing in the way of more south side

@ciscohitt thanks cisco, much appreciate your insight. Trying to #kiss ow.ly/SSWus db top Mondays high for now, retest yest high

@sewerpimp 🙂 thank u, truly appreciated

advised shorts cover into 95.5 to 92 $ES_F Zeek wanted 93 Kudos

RT @eminiwizard: this destined when 85.25 held today $ES_F sequence trade on only 70k contracts. 28/32 possibly next resistance night all

This is bake and shake , and what a game. Taylor day 3 10:08 E buy sell sell short 10:57 E yest globex mid is 90.75 $ES_F target hit

@spz_trader humbled, thanks Pauly. Tip: It was double top with monday, and +50% extension of yesterday’s range $ES_F #help others

12:12 Emini Wizard for retest maybe the 98 low $ES_F seemed like the rhythm price and time

14:15 Emini Wizard longs will try for the 9.75/10 $ES_F common sense

@sewerpimp lol you are right pimp … I am fortunate to be included with this awesome group of traders $ES_F

@MarkKhan7 shake and bake is the trap door falls open and all early aggressive longs get beat. Then late charlie decides its time to short

@MarkKhan7 then momentum often switches with a contra like today taking back most of gains of shorts who are one way traders and inflexible

@canuk1 back into Ib range and the targets became 8/10 and the 12 to 15 for afternoon tests $ES_F perfect backtest as u say

catch pieces of the swings, be flexible in thinking. find best odds time and price for momentum to change swings $ES_F

we thought it was possible to revisit the 15.5 to 18 original targets from yesterday if the 02/03 held this afternoon $ES_F

15:55 Emini Wizard now can test 18 to 22 again maybe overnight $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics Congratulations. You work hard and deserve it. $ES_F

@AeolisPalus @darjohn25 @sewerpimp @kassim @onefourdroopy @EdgewaterTrader @MarkKhan7 @canuk1 @BEFREEinFL @ManOverMarket thank you all

@kik369 @CFAMBAibk @mpac83 @spz_trader @GaryHargis @MrTopStep @ciscohitt @shemesht @LSilverspar @JohnConaway @abdulalikon ditto, thanks all