The Wolf

Stay calm. Unemotional.

The Law of Karma says what we focus on will be manifest in our lives.

The wolf obviously went hungry today.


Mackle and More.

Be tolerant, and allow others to be themselves.

Just say no to it all.

When people lash out at us, we need to understand they are in pain.

Don’t add to their misery; deflect and move on.


I confided in my traders this strange quirk about me: the faster price moves, the easier it is for me to read the sequence.

The traders who think I post in hindsight are absolutely right. They can’t read the tape, and they assume no one else can.

My team comes first, my trading comes first, and I share the 80% of the things that are the ideas I believe are a MINIMUM that traders should know.

The other 20% is private and reserved as it should be. That is the edge we maintain over the 85 to 90% of traders who trade emotionally or will not identify objective criteria.

My guess is most of the few traders who will read this post wont take the time to watch the videos I produce.

It’s all there, not in hindsight, but well ahead of time.

Charts, all ahead of time.

Interpreting them is in the eye of the beholder.


No Country for Old Men.

No value on my stream?

In my chat room?


(Thanks to my wife who shared this with me before breakfast.)

Great stress reliever.


Thanks to all who took the time to interact with me today, much appreciated.


This video is more important than mine, That’s why I placed mine at the bottom.

Want to learn some things about trading? Watch mine. Want to learn about becoming a respectful human being?

Watch this.

To open minds everywhere. I salute you.

Chump change…



Trade sequence videos

What if’s, possibilities, mind shifting as the fog lifts and the weight of evidence gives us clues.

Premarket Analysis


Uh -Oh

Targets Achieved

EOD Profit taking