Pay up.

One way or the other, we will pay for our market education.


The future is already known, and today’s drama played out according to our dress rehersal.

Premarket target 52, 53 Last to leave yesterday loses.

Goal today Boyz want 57+; #kiss Shorts use 55 to 58 resistance get paid by the rain line near 45 to 46, 44 support. MATD

The Open Half gap 45.5 is aggressive support target. High is not in yet.

Target 57 Cover ahead of news 55 to 57. Any high, even 60’s available today

T1 is 62.5 and use as resistance. Risk reward, cover into 59 to 60. Sixty one marker, hope to stall longs by the 62’s.

Squeeze coming into lunch for legitimate target 62.75

Sequence trade plays out. Prior resistance 45.75 has become support, and primary target 62.75 is hit.


“Markets turn on a dime, most traders can’t; that’s why they lose.” – Jeff Cooper


I was sitting poolside talking with a few friends today after the close. Mike remarked to a math specialist that “he must be good with music too”. Mike clearly understands the relationship we can find in rhythms of all kinds. Unfortunately he also believes it is impossible to time the markets and understand them.

With that mindset, he is correct.

Focusing on the E-mini S&P while relaxing to the music of my roots, I do my homework every night and think about what-if scenarios. I remain committed to sharing some of these ideas with those who want to listen. The door is open for you to join us when you are ready.


2014-10-03 09:38:14 am Kim H “This has been an incredible week to start in your room E…. I’m over whelmed and very impressed….”

A belated “thank you” to Kim. I found this post when re reading the chat. I often do that to see what I missed, what I got right, how I could have better helped the team.

Thanks to our great team of traders who share and help each other. We span the globe from Canada to Australia to the coasts, and we are growing. We are not a one man band, but a band of brothers.

Best to you for a nice weekend, and thanks to all who interact with us on the #EMWS twitter stream.