Traders GPS

Traders GPS

The Trader’s GPS is a trader’s best friend, and this is an offer you cant refuse.

The primary Spread sheet E uses is the TGPS (Trader’s GPS), and it is offered for an amazingly low one time investment of $195.

A number of traders have contacted us about The Emini wizard System, and have asked for something more affordable to begin their journey studying with E. Part of the challenge is bridging currency valuations without allowing arbitrage when offering a product or service.

E has designed The Navigator Special, a course that will help traders better organize their data management. Built around the TGPS spreadsheet, E will show traders how to utilize the information to better understand market structure and where price is likely to move next, Day, swing, and position traders will all benefit from this tool which is the foundational reference for The Emini wizard System.

Anyone who invests in the Navigator Special TGPS will receive these additional benefits:

  • A live webinar reviewing how the TGPS fits into The Emini wizard System
  • A current TGPS with completed values for the E-mini S & P
  • Details on how to use this for other financial instruments of your choosing.
  • Access to E’s completed TGPS for a week to see how he continually updates it to help him “read the tape.”
  • An End of Day (EOD) video daily for a week that will capture the important information for trader’s to review at their convenience. For those unable to attend the webinar, that information will be made available through these videos.

This is as “fresh as it gets”, with clear, objective reference points for Day, Swing, and Position traders, and it’s been made affordable.


There is only one catch.

E has agreed to run this special only if a minimum of 10 new traders register. Contact admin and let me know you want to take advantage of this outstanding value.  You will receive a special link that will be used to receive these benefits if we get sufficient enrollment.

Members in good standing who have already invested in The Emini wizard System are welcome to attend as a refresher course at no charge. Please let admin know of your interest so we can add you to the list.