Owen Meany

Leveraging ideas is important to me, so I am sharing this evening’s correspondence between myself and another trader. I hope it helps gives some insights into The Emini wizard System.


I recently listened to your hour-long interview with Matt Davio. At the end you recommend a book that you say would be the one book you would read forever. You describe it as: “Great writing. Great story. And a message about how you connect all the dots.”

Could you please tell me the name of the book and its author.



Hi G,

Surprisingly, the book is not about trading.

A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving

Owen Who?

I read very little fiction. This one is memorable on so many levels.

There are about 7 or 8 key ideas, and all are important. Connecting the dots to me means throw them all into a blender, and allow our intuition to work. The aha ! moment when everything makes sense.

We wont understand the outcome until hindsight, when reality will manifest the results of our choices.



“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets


This is the mind part.

As far as trading goes, these are the specifics related to trading/investing.

Stikky Stock charts the best bang for the buck.

Capra/velez, Mark Douglas, Darvas, Elder all superb.


Newer videos about me.

Thank you for your interest, let me know how I can help you.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein



Thanks for such a lengthy and insightful response and the links. I really appreciate it.

My wife and I enjoy reading and do quite a bit of it on our Kindles. So I periodically check a handful of sites that promote books that are temporarily free or on sale. Before you replied, I checked one of these called Pixel of Ink . Would you believe that the 3rd listing down for today was A Prayer for Owen Meany? Pretty cool. So we bought it.

If I may ask a couple other questions…

On eminiwizard.com, you say,

“We expect a certain price to be resistance or support and we trade accordingly. This is because we know the secret code, and know the magical numbers in advance that act as pivots that attract or repel price action time after time after time.

We do not need to wait for a candlestick close to tell us to enter or exit. When the price gets to our already pre-determined target, we execute the trade decisively. This is the critical edge in trading our system.”

I just purchased the Video Pro Pak Level 1 from your Market Wizardz site. While I realize that it is only one of four levels, it seemed more to do with trend following using moving averages, trend lines, envelopes, etc. than with what makes up the edge of your trading system. So is the Emini Wizard System completely different from what’s included in these videos? Where do these numbers that act as pivots fit in the system? And, lastly, are the four levels of videos on marketwizardz.com the same as the Emini Wizard System (excluding the chat room, of course)?

Thanks for your time and have a great evening.



Hi G,

Cool about Meany.

The reality of what we are talking about.

Most traders are seeking knowledge, but follow your maxim as stated below.

So I periodically check a handful of sites that promote books that are temporarily free or on sale.

I believe my system is not the Holy Grail, but a darn good system.

Competing with vendors who charge from $25 a month to 8 to 10 k for a course, I elected to give the bells and whistles for a reasonable price.

Having 2 dots and not 8 or 9 is incomplete as a system, just as a car without gas or tires or an engine or a road or a key is incomplete.

My intent with the videos was to see if traders like you would be willing to spend something to learn more about me and my system.

If the ideas resonate, then next steps might be to get more intimate with tools I use etc.

This first video series is the foundation, the background information necessary to build a better and more complete understanding. Above the blue line is bullish. A flat blue line is neutral. Below the blue line is testing support. Above all 4 lines is bullish, until stretched too far. The art of trading is finding the chart in play.

Today’s early morning example.

Trends are important, because they represent the growth patterns of stocks and markets.

The EMW system is built on these ideas, but is too big to comprehend without breaking it down into parts. Like chapters in a book.

Spreadsheets. Plays and Patterns. Theories. Live training. Psychology. Subtle clues most miss.

I teach simplicity. I may not be right with every directional call, but we will often be in the ballpark.

The secret code is real, alive, and simple to teach.

Trading it of course is harder: we may be sleeping during major moves, unwilling to take the risk, or simply at work and cannot participate.

Natural pivots are important to me.

The four levels of videos will give traders a better grasp of the system, and works great for those who want to study at their own pace and when time is available. Being involved class room style with me over a period of time is another level of commitment and learning.

I will soon be providing the opportunity for traders who want to broaden their insights into market structure as related to stocks, indexes, futures, etf’s, and not just the E-mini SP. It’s easier to teach all of the ideas through one vehicle, then show how to apply the concepts to the other markets. Think of the “athletic stance”; once learned, it can be applied to baseball, golf, tennis, football, wrestling, karate, etc.

Re-inventing ourselves is important, and we are never too old to stop doing what we enjoy doing.

Thanks again for your interest, much appreciated.

ps. The “numbers” are rungs on a ladder. It is the football field with its structure already laid out; while we move the chains and mark the ball location, comparing who has the ball and what are they doing with it relative to those hash marks on the field. I hope you know something about football, lol.



Thanks for taking the time to craft such a thorough reply to my questions. It’s appreciated and very helpful. And everything you said makes sense, even the bit about football.

Good night,