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#EMWS No spaghetti $ES_F

#EMWS Hit and run and symmetry target is 2373.75 half gap if lucky $ES_F 80.5 aggressive resistance remains from yesterday

#EMWS Power Chart longs defended their turf yesterday, shorts turn $ES_F

#EMWS Gap close 70.5 Take it and run $ES_F accept gifts when given

#EMWS 30 Globex $ES_F

#EMWS all trailers out by 62.5 $ES_F using 58 as support for bounce

Zeek’s Wrecking ball trade $ES_F T2 today is 59.25

#EMWS need a trailer if want more past 58 $ES_F

#EMWS Last week’s low tested, still all about the 2352 big Pivot $ES_F

#EMWS don’t be hero in move like this PAID for sure any re – entries short by 2352 $ES_F hit bungees

Stopped out monthly longs #EMWS nice job Boyz 2344.25 next support $ES_F

@LewBowman now that’s a thunderstorm $ES_F

@LewBowman I didn’t expect this today, but recognize it when it starts broke 73.5 rain line then the others $ES_F

@LewBowman good advice #EMWS 44.25 next support tested, nice time to get some sunshine

#EMWS 60 RTH Gap Chart important clue today $ES_F

#EMWS Bungee re entry shorts tighten up near 48/47, trailers for 43/42 $ES_F

@MarkKhan7 yes long term . So more supportive on the 60 and resistance on the 5 is the way #EMWS interprets it $ES_F

#EMWS Power chart update 2342 achieved $ES_F 39.5 only for trailers, risk reward coming soon

#EMWS with profits willing to risk can try 2337.75 WT2 support for buy $ES_F

#EMWS Angel test is 2345.5 stops down if re entered short and take what we can get PFS by 2342 $ES_F

Haven’t had a rip snortin’ selloff like this in a long time. “Look out below” crowd was nice signal for the #EMWS profit taking long $ES_F

#EMWS PFS by 49.75 to 52 if long $ES_F

@LewBowman I think we need to consolidate now 38 support 55 resistance $ES_F sunshine longs are just breaks in the clouds today

@pmansfield678 Paid for sure. It may be an inflection point, if get more then need to look at the next potential support or resistance

#EMWS 30 globex kicked in $ES_F

@Cubby_Blu nice edge for you, and thanks

#EMWS Bingo line is hit , big ouch for complacent longs $ES_F trail only for the 37.75 target

Time for a swim , time and price say relax $ES_F Nice re -entry or add on trade near 2350 #EMWS

Thank You

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Big Boyz Bingo