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Manic Monday ow.ly/DrGA30mG0Ju 2:08 E paid by 85/82 below good fortune now #EMWS 2:42 longs take u what can if trying contra paid by 98/02 for sure 3:28 E 06.25 to 08 agg resistance ow.ly/gEyZ30mG0SR

today is a mirror day to Thursday. Surprised me how fast we kept knocking out support targets. ow.ly/SIBQ30mFPhg #EMWS BTFD traders still hoping for Santa to show up. Flat tire on Dancer and Prancer right now

approaching target 88/ 89.5 advised shorts on trailers all stops down #EMWS ow.ly/7hWM30mFOWJ

Be born a Siamese Twin?

6:07 PM E friday’s mid 28.75 being tested 6:11 PM E looked to me like we were unbalanced friday and this is the normal back and fill all we know. primary magnet is 35 #EMWS

Why not include mental wealth where creativity comes from? Thoughts are things as suggested by Napoleon Hill

Awesome. Same look on your face as when you are putting. Easy is my favorite background music when I make Sunday breakfast. You’re crushing it Deli.

Run faster than you

How to time it and how to capitalize on that eventuality? Perma bears still need to get that part right, assuming they have any $ left. Waiting to enter has been losing in this “ despicable “ bull . Stay alert

I don’t blame you, but can I at least hit off the ladies tee with you? 😂

Tonight’s Post: Pinball wizard ow.ly/MrTZ30mDzqS #EMWS Out of the office tomorrow, Driver is Ready

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Testing Support

Predictive Charts

Double Top

9:01 inside day, so far double top

I thought it would take some time to work through Friday’s low, but the market came out Hot to the downside and never looked back.

I must have been the nly trader on Twitter to think more range type day than Plunge.

The air was so negative I was skeptical.

The overnight low violation triggered the lower targets step by step, and all Primary targets were achieved by the 2808.75 test (Friday’s globex low) to 2706.25.

When 06.25 was retested, the dam broke.

We used the 35/38 zone as aggressive resistance but ordinarily that trade is too aggressive. Over time that trade is not consistently a winner.  Once the trade started to unfold, it became clear the pace was hard and fast and taking no prisoners. The 82/85 zone held like a champ, but the quick revisit is not necessarily a good sign for the longs.

The late contra after lunch was a decent bounce but we thought fade it one more time for a scalp short, day low in already.

I thought incorrectly today would be more muted with the Thansgiving holiday approaching.

Did some demos today for our newest ewidget users, and  examples of it’s functionality are obvious on the charts.

The longs are still hoping Dancer and Prancer will wake up soon.

Reminder Hope is not a strategy.

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