Leverage Cuts Both Ways

Long or Short, we pay the price when wrong with excessive leverage.

I am Right!

I just knew it, too bad I didn’t get in where I wanted to…

Let me chase it

Oh well, it’s frustrating but I will close my eyes and just jump in now…

Yikes !

Wha Hoppen ?  Only underwater a little bit…

Damage Control

Get out of Trouble Fast

Who can think clearly when we are under exceptional stress?. Go sidlines, lick our wounds, see if any trade setups make sense.

Cool off emotionally

Forget about revenge trading. Take a break and let our systems come back into balance. Our Fight or Flight reflex has probably been triggered.

Reset Our Plan and consider our options

Learn from the experience.. Was our timing off? Price level incorrect? News impact? Whatever it was, we don’t argue with Mr Market.

Live to fight another day

We never make trading about any one day. Sometimes we are just off our game. Set a stop loss limit for the day and honor it.

Today’s Belief

Options Expiration

Think Theta Burn; stay inside overnight low and yesterday high is highest odds idea.

Fast Down, Fast Up

I called for King of the mountain, a game we played as kids. Run back, then run forward with a full head of speed to charge the hill. A momentum idea.


Fast moves in one direction lead to fast opposite reactions but eventually they retest the middle

Two Way Day

We had “Stolen range” over night so highest odds was for a pullback that held. Since we went from low to high, pullbacks coud be bought, using yesterday’s low and gap area as primary support.

Kings and Queens

Although we had a strong bounce, we had retest-failure near yesterday’s high. The pattern is lower high and lower low today.

How can I Improve ?

Be Brutally Honest

No sense pretending about our actions and our results. It is what it is.

Journal our Ideas

What were our thoughts, our ideas, our objective perceptions of reasonable trade ideas? Collect our charts, spreadsheets, and review them everyday. What did we see, what did we miss.

Actions Speak LOUDER than words

What did we DO? Paralyzed with too much analysis? Too reckless? Too distracted, unfocused?

Create a checklist for things to work on

How were our emotions? Our discipline? Our ability to assume some risk? Were timing ideas considered?

Some of Today’s Resources


 “When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results.”

Warren Buffet

 “Conquered territory must be held or no taxes according to Attila the Hun”

E [10:26 AM]

i want to see 85/ 82 test if we can

E [10:39 AM]


10 :26 E conquered territory must be held or no taxes according to Attila the Hun 10:59 E tested 84.75 low as we needed to lucky ducky. 84.5 half gap 83.25 mid day/ stops down if short #EMWS

E [11:38 AM] just a beautiful 82/85 test 92/94 still key E [1:48 PM] yesterday hh and hl pattern = wac a mole E [3:12 PM] i love this rhythm not making short or longs happy as it should be. kings and Queens, right? so inside range E [3:24 PM] second test of 85/82 #EMWS

Yesterday’s post for those following along for the freebie ideas ow.ly/unNS30kvfxO Fed UP #EMWS

E [10:39 AM] i want to see 85/ 82 test if we can #EMWS

10:25 E should be paid if long 92/94 like yesterday 10:39 E but i think charlie in love with longs now and he gets clobbered before we done #EMWS

9:36 we will bust 93.5 high some time today #EMWS inevitable as part of Boyz Game plan, especially options ex

Armstrong: good luck on that one ow.ly/17jj30kuOxy #EMWS

Know where to hold ’em, know where to fold ’em ow.ly/IBWA30kuHXa #EMWS update of yesterday’s chart

Happy Camper

“If they don’t jump onboard they will regret it! Amazing methodology

and great support with any product or course! No regrets here!!!”

@Davey_Jones7 June 13 , 2018 on twitter


We Make Choices

MATD already done Premarket

Convenient trade this morning was long side. “Shorts get bloody first” 72 support line held. (Note the blue line, there from yesterday’s chart in preparation for the news evernt.)


Markets exist to confuse as many participants as possible so the Boyz can steal our money.

Wac a Mole

Umbrella Trade and MATD morphs into a slingshot trade, then pulls back on late buyers. Stolen range was the problem at the open with both sides wanting too much.


Be patient.

Expect retest of 92 to 93.5 High.

Better odds for half gap trade. Second mouse gets the cheese


Be patient.

Look for high odds, lower risk trades

Stay sidelines if we don’t like the set up


Be aggressive at the open

Buy early (above 2785) for test of 92/94

Wen primary target is hit (SOC) take a shot atprofit taking by longs

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