Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Step by Step.

Clues abound, but a paradox exists.

The principle of  “Kiss” is alive and well, but it doesn’t mean simple is easy.
A reminder: We do the best we can to analyze and help educate traders to become self-reliant.

Although we suggest multiple opportunities throughout the day, some are better than others. No one should assume we catch all of these trades.

Impossible, and not necessary to have a good day.

Videos show how we think. We omit showing about 15% of the key data.


The Open
Target 58
Umbrella Trade, 62 Resistance Now
53.5 Target in sight
Cover into Power Pivot support time and Price
Fin Viz
Contra likely done into 61
Low is probably in with the Gotcha Bar
No Man’s Land and Conceptual Ideas
Second Entries Short cover into 57/56
Wrap it up



TF and ES


Angels and Demons