Left and Right Brain

Trade Logic and our gut feel


Regression Trade

The shorts came out at the gate and did a full court press all day long. We had trade dynamics suggest the Primary Target was 2800.25 and below good fortune.  2898/ 2896.75 was chosen for must be paid based on our trade logic.

NQ gave us a nice read on the direction, along with Double top, rollover ideas and of course the chart structure.

Professional Insights

Sharing ideas that work with traders for two weeks and for less than a point a week.

Dynamic Pivots

We made lower lows and lower highs all day. We speculated that rollover and Options Exproartion probably would impact the trade today.

4:54 E i was right about direction, wrong about the size of today’s move, right about the rotations as market kept giving us more info

Intuitive Decision Making

“We discovered that the more experience people have in any particular field, the more they rely on intuition, and ultimately we learned that intuition is a natural and direct outgrowth of experience. I define Intuition as the way we translate our experience into action. Our experience lets us recognize what is going on (making judgments) and how to react (making decisions). Because our experience enables us to recognize what to do,we can therefore make decisions rapidly and without conscious awareness or effort.”

–  Gary Klein, Ph.D.

 Intuition at Work

Automating The Professional Edge