Indian Giver

Indian Giver

Take it back.

All pompous behavior: “I nailed the top, I called the bottom, I did this and that.”

The market has a way of humbling everyone by the time we are done, doesn’t it?

Back to the future: We had a few higher targets, but felt Rosh Hashanah traditionally is a weak time for the market.

Our resistance at the time? A potential target: 2018, and 2031.25 as strong resistance.

They are now targets once again.


The elections are only a few days away, and the shorts not only lost their scalps, but many of them gave up more lives than black cats on the prowl on Halloween and in the past thirteen days.

As Vader7x put it, we will have to deal with The snarks, gloaters and “I told you so’s.”

So be it, twitter is great for entertainment anyways.


Time to slow down a bit and enjoy the coming Holidays. Not sure if the market will slow down: It’s run  71.5% of the year’s range since October 15. I’m winded just thinking about that warpath.


This week’s posts, including charts, text and videos for the archive.

Copy and paste the links if I haven’t made time to archive these properly.

“I would rather see a crooked furrow than a field unplowed.” – Robert Allen


Oct 31, 2014

“Happy Halloween” all, have a good weekend #EMWS $ES_F

E TV Goose and the Gander Demon test EOD #EMWS $ES_F The Professional Edge

E TV Premarket IB end of IB EOD

Best post of day: @vader7x “avoid snarks and gloats on twitter today”.

rhythm of the market Oh what a night…

Base assumption: previous high 2014.5 resistance at open for half gap/ middle trade if lucky #EMWS $ES_F #kiss 2 way day, carve something

Monster Mash with NQ avoid trouble day

staggers the imagination elections over soon. til then..use frequent flyer card

OCT 30

sleep on the structure patterns repeat #EMWS $ES_F gn all

@adrock25 thanks for your inquiry. videos charts posts tell my story. take a chance

E TV 5th gear at lunch shorts cover into 81/82 retest

E TV the Open wac a mole day dtop test lunch squeeze

NQ bamboozled shorts today 30 chart had all + bars until 1 hr contra

why don’t you believe me?… the Duprees “60/62 strong support zone trail only under 61”

Pony Boy nothing gold can stay #EMWS $ES_F we dont need to be an insider to read the tape

High odds time and price for contra, at the 93.75 🙂 educated guess

“scale into 84.25, trail only for 81 retest if shorted”

“cover into 92/ 93.75 marker advised for trailers, shorts better have profits willing to risk.” 87 agg stop for trailers long

“Not one 30 minute bar is negative” #EMWS $ES_F read the criminal handbook

scene of the crime 75.25… edge went to longs when 68 held like a rock

RT @eminiwizard: trail only under 61 Team E #EMWS $ES_F market was protected big time as expected

RT @robert12756: @GIR_STOCKS Another great info packed webinar. No one teaches this process of learning cycles …/ kudos

T1 is 91 today, and NRO (Not Ruled Out)

cover by news / 68 if bought

30 min and s1 59.75

trail only under 61 Team E

RT @ciscohitt: $ES Bigger Picture IF Monthly fails (red) we visit Weekly (Blue) … #EMWS step by step

15 min chart

Pitcher’s battle

OCT 29

Great drama and well played series… Kudos to KC and SF #EMWS

Thank you Team E multi chart #EMWS $ES_F

Your stomach in knots today? Guru confused?

E TV risk/reward Rainline range 78 resist

E TV News Knife cover 62.5 74 Test

E TV Paid by 65.25, 64 S1 61.5 low support 75.25 Hit

RT @i001962: Finally, Small Business Social Media is Evolving by @markwschaefer …

IB low retest 78.5 … gravy above

Encore…From 1975 … the Doobie brothers .. say yeehaa by 75.25 to 78 if bought s1 64 #EMWS $ES_F

No chest pounding, just teaching traders day after day in all kinds of markets

Oct 29, 2014 2:18 pm E: cover by 62.5

Psychology trade… longs capture profits ahead of FOMC 🙂 (after obligatory stop run agg shorts at the open)

advised cover into 72/ 71.25 target ahead of news if short

E TV 83.5 wt 1 achieved get paid 85 profit taking now pb

Oct 28, 2014

E TV cover 61 62 hit 72 target MBO 81 T2

Oct 28, 2014 2:52 pm E: key is 80 i was thinking a and d #EMWS $ES_F step by step

cover by 78 advised, stops up for any trailers

Oct 28, 2014 8:04 am E: using the 75/77 as next upside targets #EMWS $ES_F Oct 28, 2014 8:56 E: anything below 62.5 is good fortune

15 it is $ES_F #EMWS $EURUSD consistency in analysis SLV

we found the 3 part harmony today, “be a lover of the market, not a fighter”… 3 dogs and good night all

target 48 to 46 chat chat #EMWS $ES_F a and d

E TV Map the territory Risk and Reward sequence target 45

E TV pre market cover into 45 do u believe?


Be a Lover of the market, not a fighter…