I am Grateful

for the opportunity to help others

Happy Thanksgiving

“After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

-Oscar Wilde




11:31 John : thank you E and Zeek – odd session – handled really well


XX [1:25 PM]
Just a little about me
I have been trading for 8 mo and learning how to use a automatic system that didn’t work out and the things they showed us didn’t make sense so I’m trying to learn how to properly trade I have lost around xx learning the wrong way and took some time off to relearn and (a friend) suggested this group. I have learn more in 2 days then 8 month

1980 [1:28 PM]
you are not alone, most of us when first started all looking for the best teachers in this field. But most gurus out there have failed us until I found EW. Stay here and learn you will discover something helpful for this journey. disclaimer : just a student here, not relatives to mr E ; lol

Eminiwizard [1:30 PM] disclaimer: i am not human, just a dart throwing monkey

1980 [2:25 PM ]I have learned with 6,7 gurus the ones I like for swing trades is Martin Amstrong and you are my dear teacher for intraday

Eminiwizard [2:29 PM] nice, i accept that and am in good company lol

1980 [2:38 PM]
I remember when i first studied , you said ‘it’s all up to me to make it complicated or simple, I didnt really understand but by now I know it can be very simple or very complicated as well, all depend on how one capable to pick it up….as newbies mostly can’t differentiate b/w complicated or simple analysis due to no experience and know nothing about chart reading…Ty for all the lessons, learning real time is 100 times faster than through any other means.. I am a good student, just slow head to absorb things, sorry


09:43 Melisa : for anyone new, these odds plays have been a focus of mine since I joined here. been helpful
09:43: E 93.75 is half gap
09:43 Melisa : want to encourage others. pick an idea or two and focus.
09:43 E : odds from 75/78 say try for half gap to gap
09:45 Don : thx melisa
09:50 zeek : xx target from IBL hit
09:53 A : i love the low key room
09:54 A this the second course i ever brought and i promise i wasted my money before finding you
09:54 EO : agreed
09:54 Don: same here A
09:55 A: me and Don was in the same course. i told him we must get this
11:51 Melisa : thanks E. Good travels for you and your wife
11:53 John : Thank You E – a great day. Enjoy the holiday
11:53 1980 : Ty. Bon voyage E!
11:53 A: enjoy your weekend thanks for the knowledge
11:53 EO : thanks for everything and safe travels
11:53 1980 : ty for your real time lessons
11:53 Don : thx
11:54 E: thank u all

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“I think we have a DC bounce today”

4:01 PM E  bingoooooooo  46.25 likely next support

3:36 E payday if took shot side scalp 54/52 3:44 E half gap target 49.5 paid for sure by 50/51 ow.ly/SgJa30mHV63 gobble gobble

1:40 E could squeeze all day then drop like a stone last half hour

Plan was to git ‘er done early today. #EMWS We viewed a bounce as shorts taking a portion of the profits off the table ahead of Holiday weekend. 12:24 need contra today, a reminder to longs. Looking for my Joey Tribiani pants now. Happy Thanksgiving to all

8:37 AM E xxx i think we need to be buying pb and drop loser, then one bounce fails and we get elevator again 7:12 E so 72/75.25 as current resistance
09:52 Zeek 51.25 to 49.25 hg support ow.ly/6HTz30mHKGd #EMWS ow.ly/tGiH30mHKVF didn’t expect a barn burner, DCB (Dead Cat Bounce)

7:23 E target 68.5 as resistance ow.ly/D3Mv30mHvKU 8:15 AM E if played for 68.5 target get paid #EMWS

Today’s Journal Update : Liquid Nation ow.ly/aqPo30mH8TA #EMWS Stay Humble and grateful for small victories one day at a time

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”

-W. Clement Stone

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