Student Debt

Student Debt


Avoid unreasonable debt.

It weakens our self-reliance.
I am in pain, but that’s a story for another day. I assume a lot of shorts are too, if there are any remaining alive. Stayin’ alive, the last poster child, seems like just yesterday…

Strong Armed again by the invisible hand.

Martin Armstrong is a new found voice of value to me. I will continue to study people smarter than I am, as that’s how I will learn something.



A few comrades have kindly offered to teach me about the markets.

The reality is we are the only one’s who can help ourselves. Deliberate discipline, study, action, evaluation of our process. Study many approaches, find what works for us as an individual.

While I offer to help others , I also keep an open mind and try to learn from others as well as my own experience.

eminiwizard: Not calling tops… just awareness of next potential targets  #EMWS $ES_F

@eminiwizard 2100 is the top . That is all you need to know.

@eminiwizard 2100 on the S& P ..the fix is in .. watch and learn how we handicap the big boyz

@Rock_Rogers “To know ten thousand things, know one well” Time for baseball #EMWS

Here was another:  @eminiwizard why not come join us have full on trading room opened .. I noted my initial request was sent August 2013 and the response came in a few days ago, Pony express delivery.


I enjoy reverse engineering other trader’s calls.

Two minutes after finding the twitter post I went to my spreadsheets, clicked on the fibo page, and staring me in the face was a .61 extension for 2110 target.

Hey, why not make it 2014? “Market irony” as Mike remarked about 666.

Whether we get there or not and when is anyone’s guess. Presumably time and support ideas are important.

This is not to diminish The Rock’s thoughtful post, I respect his right to have an opinion.

The Elitist clique from the windy city think they have a lock on knowledge and the inner workings of the markets; They don’t. There are many under-followed great traders who share their keen insights. Kudos.

Toe to toe for five years, the Emini wizard System continues to combine the best of both worlds: Objective criteria and Intuition.

The WoMP (Worshippers of Market Profile) dont have all the answers either.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
– Hamlet, Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

Those who whined about HFT and it’s effects on the market have still failed to grasp a simple solution: LTR.

We can adopt any style of trading and investing we want. Slippage and inefficiency is part of the game. We can choose not to play if we don’t like the rules.

The Long Train Runnin‘ has favored trend trades upside. The lovers of the market who embrace the reality of manipulation have fared better than the fighters.

When we get a correction, a more balanced approach will serve us well. Those weak hands attaching another car to the caboose better keep an eye out for a slow down in momentum.


The past month has seen a breakout from a trading range and a one way directional move within a stone’s throw of a target we have seen for awhile, 1953 to 1956.

The moving averages supported trade logic to buy pullbacks, using 1912.5 , then 1919.5 as support this week.

The law of equal over-compensation targeted 3800 this week in NQ.

Despite many complex calculations, Occam’s Razor suggests our base ideas can be learned  within a week or two. Opening our mind and accepting the simplistic approach is much harder. Learned professionals from other occupations  prefer to complicate things rather than see the obvious.

Carving out pieces of the action is far easier than trying to eat the whole turkey in one sitting.

We reviewed the importance of having a system that can produce net two to four points a day. A market that is moving offers better opportunity for capturing some profits from trading.

Step by step, acquiring knowledge and our commitment to Higher Education.

We noted we achieved two hundred points off the year’s low, and 100 points past the year’s open, last year’s settle and HOY 1846.5.


Astute traders may also perceive a more subtle relationship: We now have symmetry.  Last year’s  settle and it’s nearby gap is now TYM (This year’s middle).

what a wonderful world … satchemo #EMWS


Some highlights from recent postings.

waiting to short, why not play the squeeze? “this is a dangerous market” was heard at 1555. still dangerous, higher step by step #EMWS $ES_F

EOM drift #EMWS $ES_F

“buy support in uptrends” 19.5 as primary stop, buy 21/23 was plan #EMWS $ES_F

E TV The Open Think like a business squeeze pivot  $ES_F #EMWS

E TV IB support chart be conservative T1 26.5 #EMWS $ES_F

@ciscohitt test the 26.25 demon was plan, getting late so manage #EMWS $ES_F wt 1 28.5 possible not yet achieved

just don’t want to be guilty of trying to call a top #EMWS $ES_F

$NQ #EMWS don’t confuse brains with a bull market. take a break if too frustrated with this game

RTH charts 10 was the magic 30 globex, back up the daily and 180 #EMWS $ES_F

E TV 1st of month bias soft pb systems EOD #EMWS

$NFLX picture perfect alligator biting as discussed mid April #EMWS

@tomandprisha need a run on the banks to help derail momo E TV No Fear $ES_F #EMWS

$INDU singin’ with Johnny Those Magic changes lighten up and enjoy the ride  $ES_F #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: where wars are fought these days #EMWS $EURUSD know the battle lines

symmetry completion targets pre market 32 to 34.25  $ES_F #EMWS

E TV News Trading target 32 to 34.25 #EMWS $ES_F

t1 39.38 achieved, any day high, not trying to guess a top.#EMWS   $ES_F stops up

“buy support in uptrends” 19.5 as primary stop, buy 21/23 was plan #EMWS $ES_F

ahead of news tomorrow, assuming some will want profits. 32 agg support for now #EMWS $ES_F

best risk reward trades done for longs. Shorts are still guessing  #EMWS $ES_F never make it about any one day trapped shorts the problem

30 globex springboard rainline 22 support  #EMWS  $ES_F no guru here, just student of market

E TV momo sideways NQ parabolic runs are trader killers  $ES_F #EMWS

Martin Armstrong “pushing on a string”  $ES_F #EMWS

E TV Premarket MATD squeezeroo looking for 47.5 wt4 done#EMWS  $ES_F git ‘er done

frog in boiling water still simmering #EMWS $ES_F trailers only long past 47.5 position squaring EOD not much opportunity today

Don’t get too negative on stocks … Martin Armstrong #EMWS

retirement accounts at risk #EMWS

thanks to all those professionals who are confident enough to interact with others. #EMWS

angels and demons RTH globex charts #EMWS

E TV EOD the promised land… #EMWS

@WHLIV no doubt. The premise remains the same: How can we profit from the swings? #EMWS