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We made the pilgrimage from Naples back to CT Friday and Saturday. We drive to the midpoint in Lumberton NC, and it is tedious. Flying is so much easier, but I wanted to bring some junk for the beach on MV and have two cars available.

A word of caution: Keep your crash helmets that you used today on if driving on I-95. About three out of ten drivers I noticed texting while driving , and most of them were under 30 I would estimate.

I had a choice of scrambling to do a blog yesterday but I was drained. I chose to give lessons on ten speeds bike riding to a few grandchildren, and catch up on hugs and stories with family, and play card games like Moo/riddle me this with the kids.

Quite rewarding, sorry for my lapse in self- promoting our current specials.

I hope you will settle for the charts and texts I posted today. A reminder our BEST charts aren’t published to the public.

“Keep you mouth shut and let your bat do the talking.”



remember when we called it radio instead of podcasts? everything old is new again, ‘cept me of course #EMWS never did use the telegraph tho

3:18 buy is 02 and stop 97.5 #EMWS

Hangman’s Noose Trade : When the trap door opens, we have no idea how far we will fall before our feet touch the ground. Traders who are used to averaging in and buying the dips are buried after today #EMWS margin calls

corrected chart this was what I had in mind ow.ly/E5Fd30kEUJM #EMWS

Just staying focused on doing what we do best, finding opportunity in the market ebbs and flows ow.ly/8gS330kEUpe #EMWS

2:31 E worrying about what will happen in 2019 and 2020 is the furthest thing from a pragmatic day and swing trader’s mind. Step by Step, one day at a time #EMWS gotta eat every day til then, right? we take advantage of today’s opportunity

2:10 E using 12 as key and 9.5 squeeze pivot until broken #EMWS 2:25 E may get a bit of chop stops down into 2712 if took re entry short

No chest pounding here, just focused on reading the tape and helping a few who want to follow along #EMWS

1:51 E ib low re test 20.5 be paid by 20.5 my advice #EMWS

“Skill is hitting it close to the hole; luck is when it falls in” #EMWS

10:11 AM E no true support until 2703.75 ow.ly/V73h30kEEle #EMWS 10:58 zeek next available gap fills at 2705.5 ow.ly/KEA830kEETw Stay humble when we achieve educated guess targets

11:29 E usually in Rabid Dog Day get 5 x wrong b4 one right #EMWS

11:31 target is 09 to 11 E ow.ly/YVvR30kEyNz #EMWS risk and reward the problem

Charlie often gets confused about the Timing Rhythm of market structure #EMWS ow.ly/77pM30kExbQ 10:49 E must be paid by 34 to 35.75 if long, and likely 32/33 is a key ow.ly/glSr30kExKL 10:11 E no true support until 2703.75 Maybe try hitting one more bounce

Lots of great traders out there to learn from. Look for those who are consistently accurate and have a style similar to your risk profile #EMWS

RT @BamaTrader Met our MCVPOC target in the first hour! Watch our member pre-mkt brief – LINK: bamatrader.screencasthost.com/watch/cF1TIaFF… use pw: $ES_F #ES_F $SPY #SPY

RT @eminiplayer Here’s a snippet from today’s #ES_F Trade Plan: 2747-2750 was KEY; holding below it could result in a multi-day balance break-down which would bring the 2721.75-2724.75 Zone into play. Pls RT if this is helpful! Get the Zones and Plan BEFORE the open at awa.is/cfnzNt

Once we go down the rabbit hole, #EMWS looks for logical risk and reward zones to capture trailers or add-ons ow.ly/JZHq30kEsS0 educated guessing

10 03 E all day support at 20.5 #EMWS 10:12 E maybe try hitting one more bounce Golf anyone? drive for show putt for dough time

RT @eminiwizard: Convenient traders long side get on the scoreboard by 47 to 48 hit and run premarket ow.ly/REdB30kEdkT #EMWS / so 47 to 48 still resistance since couldn’t break it pre market

10:03 E 25.25 next support target #EMWS

726 Zeek 33.25 squeeze pivot on the radar 9:37 E think like a bot: No Fear. longs paying up 9:48 JL puts have nearly double since the open 10:01 E bingo 29.75

9:47 JL No Fear! 9:47 E lol if short testing support all stops down at 35 /36 trail for 29.75 pfs by 32 longs thank u very much for being so agg and fueling this plunge 9:48 E umbrella 28 support for profit taking that goes, anything can happen 32.75 is xxx target #EMWS

Convenient traders long side get on the scoreboard by 47 to 48 hit and run premarket ow.ly/REdB30kEdkT #EMWS

Set up I had in mind for 3 boxes ow.ly/IyEb30kDRJi many traders too busy re-inventing the wheel #EMWS

Out all day Friday, so I revert to my late Thursday notes and pick up where I left off. 3:08 E 75/42 boundaries now. still intact, If breaks, already have my notes for next support ideas posted for #EMWS keep it simple.

Thank You Paolo and back at you #FF I Hope you had a nice weekend

OTF quite clear for #ES_F #EMWS ow.ly/qMnF30kDR66 stayed within suggested boundaries for git ‘er done Friday ow.ly/8em730kDRaT payday by 45 to 42’s if short. nice re auction of the dead zone ow.ly/cfBX30kDRsG

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