Money Management

Money Management

Take action.

That’s what winners do; do you?


Manic depressive markets are hard to trade, and being human, most traders react emotionally.

We need a plan if we are going to survive the turbulence of unsettled waters.

I will not insult your intelligence by making any ridiculous claims.

Watch the videos that I have been posting, and you decide if I can help you or not.

Talk is cheap, and most Talking Heads will now, in hindsight, say “I told you so”.

I can only point to my post to @tomandprisha when I remarked: “Why not 2014 for irony?”


That post is insignificant compared to my daily reminder to traders in the Market wizardz Trading Room: “We are here to carve something out of the swings every day.”


A noticeable pattern simmers in my thinking. FOMC has a tendency to run up into it, and often a bit of volatility ensues, but usually it makes a charge up hill.

Within a few days, the launch high gets retested. It is important to remember where the launch was…

I sent an email to a few of our newer traders yesterday.

Listen in to an excerpt if you have time:

The process of filling out the numbers in the spread sheets will help you gain insights and allow you to use “intuition” as well. (“2014.5 Irony high”)

Pay attention to the natural numbers, like…

Also, focus on unique ideas that we suggest are important.

Do you remember the scene of the crime Wednesday 1936.25? Then the retest of the 32.25 breakout?

Then 38.5 as resistance, with the 37.5 idea as key.

Note how I suggested we use the 32.25 breakout Thursday and Friday for resistance.

That’s how specific we can be with details in a world of “generalized” ideas.


Seasonality was coming into play, and we felt we were long overdue for a correction, that’s why we have suggested this theme for the past month:

“Corrective markets have sharp bounces that seem to come out of nowhere. Accept your stop outs, then try hitting it again without being stubborn.”

The very next day after FOMC had a complete reversal. A sweeper high knocking out short stops, then a plunge, a Kaiser Soze. We had 72 as resistance, and momo began as we undercut the 48 squeeze pivot.

The bounce high testing 56 was the next sequence, and truthfully that was the do or die time. We suggested longs make sure paid by 55/56. It’s “just a number”, but technicians like me remembered it as the prior week’s high.

Rounding out the week, That breakout zone was resistance, and held for the washout low late Friday.

Zeek boldly made that prediction earlier in the day.

We have now corrected substantially off the 2014 high, approximately 6 to 7%.

This is not a market for amateurs, as the wild swings have destroyed those hapless traders who have been trying for position and/or won’t use stops.

The most important recent clues:

  • Five years plus bull market
  • Seasonal: Sell Rosh Hashana
  • Small caps underperforming
  • Stretched too far away from 200 Daily MA.
  • Progress being made by gap and trap/squeeze
  • Geometric proportions in timing


Some recent videos and charts. #EMWS $ES_F

Posted for educational purposes only.

When you are ready to explode your profits, join us.

“Take action.

That’s what winners do; do you?”

You are only a few clicks away from eliminating your “deer frozen in the headlight syndrome”.

the 2014.5 123 higher high is still intact…It will Rain…


swings #EMWS $ES_F great weekend to all

Thanks to my daughter for this message: #EMWS group hug tonight with her kids:Priceless

Must see TV


E TV Lunch Bounce

E TV Accumulate, Trend Traders hit bounces, honor stops

E TV Protect profits time for second entry 15 test box 3 rejected, step by step

E TV gotta bust 15, anything goes. Smart shorts already took profits, 60 chart Big Boyz battle

E TV 15 Broken megaphone pattern, umbrella trade

E TV 10.5 Angel Test

E TV All about the closing

E TV Flushing


E TV Last hour Flush possible trail if stop not broken

late day dump

Zeek had target 90.25 … late day sell idea day traders out by 98 kudos great call

94.5 is t2 advised cover into 98

bingo target 2.75 to 3.25 more is lucky

angel is 10.5, cover into it and trail only now if short

we suggested shorts cover end of IB for profit taking, look for re entry near highs. megaphone pattern both sides ovn range run

“if you haven’t made it yet today, not the time to try now” Oct 10, 2014 8:57 am E: 8.5 is support target

“you are either a step ahead or a step behind”… best to be ahead of the swings rather than see them in hindsight

RT @krazytoo: #ES_F LIVE premarket analysis plan set up @ 8:45 ET NO REGISTRATION … #FT71 #EMWS #TF_F #GC_F #SPX #SPY

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E TV reminder next major measure 1908.5

Stay focused and humble


RT @eminiwizard: 29.5 posted as EOD resistance for holdovers. Honor stops

E TV some great videos made today, no time to post #EMWS $ES_F …guess who? 1969 gn all

target achieved seemed like the market wanted to flush time for a swim

say bingo #EMWS

Destined to break so hold over for the test 🙂

Great teamwork as always E TV 1908.5 next key measure keyser soze

29.5 posted as EOD resistance for holdovers. Honor stops

36.25 was scene of the crime

Dangerous market, not for amateurs. Favorite targets short? 45, 36.25, 32.25 bo retest, 24.75, and yest angel 22.75

strange days angels and demons a and d

Outlier days


Sunday night update

my guess is 90% of traders missed the last 20 point swing

Basis the December contract, the 90.25 launch retesting at 82.75 #EMWS $ES_F missing a dime

Nearing big support ideas 1873/ 1875 zone… off 40 points since Friday lunch #EMWS $ES_F Bull climbs stairs and Bear jumps out the window