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What Now?

I know you are busy,  but I hope you have time to read this message. Thank you for attending our recent 4 day FREE Seminar “Trading is Simple but not E-Z.

You were able to witness the power of The Emini wizard System (#EMWS) and experience my live “calls” as they demonstrated how even in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty in the markets we could grab the tiger by the tail.

Are you sure markets are random and cannot be understood ?

As you listened to my “self-talk” you were literally inside my  head as my Intuition was “reading the tape”. Note that I used objective criteria; specific bars like Spin Bars and Squeeze Pivots were identified; levels were established and already known where high odds turning points might occur. Timing Trades were suggested. Defense Zones. How Big Boyz enter positions. Confirmation from other markets like NQ.

Monitor you own self-talk if you want to improve in any area of your life.

Text books and morning calls that leave you on your own are somewhat helpful, but nothing beats the live coaching and instruction when you are ready to transition to live battle.

Who, Me?

Your biggest question may be “Can I really do this?

Probably not on your own at first if you are a newer trader. It takes time to gain experience.

If we gave you a set of top-notch golf clubs, could you go out on a golf course and play like Tiger Woods?

Although the tools are simple to use, The E-widget and our highly organized Tool Chest takes time to learn.

The good news is you don’t have to do this on your own. Simply follow along with E and Zeek as they help you learn.


If you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you, we can continue the journey together.

If not, I wish you well and hope for nothing but the best for you and your family.

Best Regards,


Next Steps

The response to our seminar was overwhelmingly positive, and we thank you.

Only you know where you are in your journey to become a consistently profitable trader. We are offering some unbelievable discounted values to help you get started. Our goal is to help as many people as we can.

If you know of anyone else who may be interested please forward this information to them.

The Ticket

.College Education used to be the ticket to a better lifestyle. Now many parents are saddled with debt for student loans they co-signed for their children. The middle class is being squeezed, and even some once optimistic seniors are losing hope.

Many of these students can’t even find meaningful jobs after dropping a whopping 100 k +

Consider what we can offer for a fraction of that cost for a lifetime skill in a business where there is opportunity every single day.

Short on Cash right now?

.If you can’t afford the current tuition or discounted value of our products and services, what can you afford?

What do you need to take the next step?

Please tell us what works for you.

Maybe we can find a philanthrophist who will subsidize a scholarship for you.

Timing is Everything

.Maybe you liked what you saw but the time is not right for you, or the program is not a good fit for you right now. That’s Okay.

Please consider if there are other ways we can help each other.

No one size fits all. If you have other talents and skills that you believe could be combined with some of ours please let us know.

Creativity, not competition is the New Wealth.

Simple Trading Concepts

“How can we find a way to help you to improve?”

The Journey began with our FREE Seminar.

Simple Trading Concepts


 Bonus material to help you organize

some of my key thoughts.

Thanks to all who attended.

Some Feedack


11:32:30 From Daniel : ty E! back from the beach and ready to work….
11:33:03 From Daniel : only caught about 20 min of today’s solid education….great as always
11:35:02 From Melis : thank you very much E and Zeek and all
11:36:32 From Henry : Thanks for the instruction, everyone!
11:38:13 From Scott : Thank you E — good stuff and great calls.
11:39:03 From Melis : thank you
11:39:11 From ngh1980 : thank you Sir
11:39:12 From cliff : ty
11:39:20 From chris : thanks
11:39:21 From Henry : Thanks E, zeke
11:39:25 From Tim : thanks E
11:39:31 From Andrew : thank you E and Zeek, been a very interesting week
11:39:34 From telemachus : thanks e and zeek for the education
11:39:36 From Dennis Parmelee : bye and thanku
11:39:48 From Dennis Parmelee : u are welcome
11:39:57 From Dennis Parmelee : good luck with your trading

1:45 Zeek : your calls have been awesome

MegawattTrader [2:07 PM]What a fantastic room. I have tended to shy away from trade rooms and collaborative efforts because I don’t want interference with what Im trying to do. Everything is short, sweet and to the point. Not 100 percent up to speed on how exactly you trade…..but I have my own way and it works for the most part. Love to keep hanging with you guys but if you need to toss me that’s cool too
MegawattTrader [2:09 PM]Thanks E for letting me take a look with you guys this week. Excellent stuff, really!
MegawattTrader [3:13 PM]E I hope we can keep in touch…this was a fantastic short week with you guys. Had fun. thanks to Zeek too. Gentlemen and scholars…..double threat!
Scott [4:03 PM] Most educational week I’ve had in a long time E. TY.
Justin [3:57 PM] great info e – thank you

Premarket in Slack

7:26 am E so 66 support, 86 resistance

09:34:23 From Dennis Parmelee : 62 agg support
09:34:34 From Dennis Parmelee : pfs 65.5/ 65 if short
09:49:54 From Dennis Parmelee : too low to sell = buy or stand aside
10:54:38 From Dennis Parmelee : i think test 85

11:24:36 From Dennis Parmelee : pFS top of xxx box 82.75

Emini wizard [12:25 PM] well, i did suggest we could get a profit taking swing
and the hammer hit still xxx 74 broke and door opened 69.25 angel test and now make it pfs by 69 and good fortune below. 78.8 the pivot